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Author: Adam Robinson

Camp Real Pants Is Coming (to LA)

Camp Real Pants is just around the corner (April 1, no April Fools, honest), and we are pitching tents happy. I mean, just look at those T-shirts (or tee shirts)! Here’s another thing to look at: the official Camp Real Pants website, where you can see the schedule of speakers and readers and you can even register. Who are the speakers and readers? We’re excited to host some impressive leaders in the publishing industry, people who have forged (and are still forging) new and meaningful paths. Some examples include our banner sponsor, Submittable, whom everyone already knows and loves. They’ll talk...

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The Origin of Lavinia Ludlow’s Single Stroke 7 … and then some

Lavinia Ludlow’s new book, Single Stroke 7, is the latest from Casperian Books—it comes out today. They call it “A sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll tale too impoverished to afford any sex, drugs, or rock ‘n’ roll.” It’s the story of a young woman who plays drums and wants to break into the indie rock scene.  Here, Casperian editor Lily Richards tells the story of how the novel came to be. This is the story of how Lavinia Ludlow’s Single Stroke Seven went from manuscript query to finished book, or alternatively, how when you mix a small press and a perfectionist, sometimes...

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Camp Real Pants at AWP

Today we are happy to launch our event for AWP 2016 in LA: Camp Real Pants. It’ll be on Friday, April 1, at Astroetic Studios, which is about 15 minutes from the conference center, walking. Join us all day, and find out more about it at where you can register and get a free tee shirt. Mess Hall Readings At the start of the day, Publishing Genius and 421 Atlanta will be dishing up lunch grub and hosting readings by Jarod Roselló, Sarah Green, Chris Cheney, and more. Publishing bootcamp We’re going to have a publishing bootcamp, with great organizations presenting on all...

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Let Mike Young Tell You About “Only Love Can Bring You Peace” by Simon Joyner

Here’s a song by Simon Joyner: Here’s a picture of his new book: Only Love Can Bring You Peace is freshly published by the small press (from our own Mike Young everybody) Magic Helicopter. Mike went to where the stops were and pulled them all out in order to make this book. I mean it’s really beautiful. The cover is printed on a fabric-y laid paper, very soft, and it has flaps. And at about 300 pages, it’s girthy. There’s art inside, like this page, which is in color: And what the book is, you see, is a selection of Simon Joyner...

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What a Country! Ridge & Bosworth Talk Camouflage

  Oh hi! I didn’t see you there. Mel Bosworth here, co-author of the short story collection Camouflage Country. I live in Massachusetts. My co-author is Ryan Ridge, and he lives in Kentucky. We wrote this collection together over the course of about two years, I think. Maybe three. I have no concept of time anymore! In any case, Ryan was recently kind enough to answer some questions I asked him about the book, the book’s illustrator (it has pictures!), and what’s for dinner tonight. It sounds delicious! ** Mel Bosworth: What does “Camouflage Country” mean? Ryan Ridge: If...

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Everyone knows we’re big fans of Alban Fischer here, so this announcement about Sip Cup is pretty exciting. With his stalwart journal, Trnsfr (newly minted as an imprint of Curbside Splendor Press), Alban is launching a one page spin-off that you’ll be able to download every other Tuesday. And they’re taking submissions,...

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The Farmacist by Ashley Farmer

Ashley Farmer’s The Farmacist, the first book from Jellyfish Highway Press, came out yesterday. Christopher Kennedy’s blurb explains the book pretty well. He says, the book, “a meditation on the Facebook game, Farm Town, explores the realm where the ‘real’ world buffets the imagination,” and that it “is fiction crashing the lyric’s slumber party.” Nicely put. At The Small Press Book Review, Christy Crutchfield wrote an awesome review of the book. She says, “Farmer infuses the serious with a good dose of humor – ‘Hit “Like” If You Love Your Mother’—and the writing is equal parts wit and terror translated...

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Lincoln Michel’s Book Trailer

I like Lincoln Michel’s trailer for Upright Beasts, his new short story collection from Coffee House Press: That tells you everything you need to know, right? If you missed it, here’s the scoop on Upright Beasts—it comes out this month, it features 20+ stories, some are 12ish pages and some just a few paragraphs, Lincoln Michel is a master of the opening, Laura van den Berg said the stories are mighty surrealist wonders, “People say I have a baby face. You can look at me and pretend I’m drowning” is one of the openings that I like a lot, “Or take...

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LEFT Magazine Is Right

Have you checked out the new issue of LEFT yet, the journal from Jackson Nieuwland and New Zealand? It includes work by some of my favorites, like Sarah Jean Alexander, Crispin Best, Melissa Broder, Dalton Day, Carolyn DeCarlo, Dorothea Lasky, M Kitchell, Edward Mullany, Chad Redden, Bob Schofield, A.L. Snijders (trans Lydia Davis)—plus tons more who might be your favorites. I’ve held it. It’s hefty. It was designed by The NewerYork people with lots of white space. Many pages have textured backgrounds. Sometimes it’s white text on a black page. It’s pretty long. In terms of size and design and quality...

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Literature Still Isn’t Broken If I Have Anything to Say About It

Serial Box is more than just a clever name—it’s a whole new thing (with a clever name) that makes reading ebooks more like watching TV. Which of course is the Holy Grail, so how’d they do it? Mostly in that their ebooks are written by a team, and you have to wait a week for new “episodes” to come out. Each episode takes about 42 minutes to read, which is how long TV shows are if you cut out the commercials. Their own introductory commercial thing is fun. It has a soundtrack that’s fit for theatres, and there are definitely some knives and...

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