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Author: Gregg Murray

Hot Preview of Muse /A 1.2

We’re aflame at Muse /A Journal (pronounced ‘myoo-zay’) over the hearty relevance and lyrical power of the art in issue two, so we’re sharing this preview with y’all (pronounced ‘yawl’). After launching issue one by myself at last year’s AWP (‘hot’ ‘garbage’), I’ve been fortunate to add two genre editors in Marissa Hewatt (Poetry) and Anya Vostrova Chambers (Lyric Essay). Justin Fredericksen has also been instrumental in helping us establish a web presence. We can be found at Once Anya sat the team down with the artwork of Richard Selesnick & Nicolas Kahn, issue two started to really...

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Instagrammer-in-Residence: Justin Tornow

[Editor’s note: The AMAZING] Justin Tornow is a North Carolina native, currently located in Durham, NC. She is the artistic director of COMPANY, a producer of the local artist series PROMPTS, and a co-founder and -organizer with Durham Independent Dance Artists (DIDA.) She collaborates regularly with visual artist Heather Gordon and musicians Matthew McClure and Lee Weisert on new and touring projects. Justin’s work has been presented by the Sax Open Festival in Strasbourg, France, UGA-Cortona in Cortona, Italy, Triangle Dance Project, GSO Fringe Festival, DUMBO Dance Festival, CoolNY Festival, 2012 Philly Fringe, and the NC Dance Festival (among others.)...

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The Feed Eaters

Domesticated animals eat feed. Day after day, the farmer fills the trough with the same oats, the same feed. As we lie in sleep, our sidecars charge, our prostheses: computers, tablets, smartphones. Receptacles for the news feeds, charging to accommodate relentless scrolling throughout the day. Everywhere, silently revving for the coming feeding. What are we eating? Perhaps Henry David Thoreau was correct to write in Walden: “And I am sure that I never read any memorable news in a newspaper. If we read of one man robbed, or murdered, or killed by accident, or one house burned, or one...

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Instagrammers-in-Residence: PlaceBase Productions

Our Instagrammers-in-Residence are Ashley and Andrew of PlaceBase Productions. Check out their awesome work here: Hi. We’re PlaceBase Productions. Ashley and Andrew. We make site-specific, community-driven theatre in Minnesota. After many story-swap workshops and community interviews we write a musical play for the community to perform outdoors and spread out around the locale. The audience walks, bikes, paddles or otherwise transports themselves from scene to scene in, on and around rivers, main streets, and backyards. We just finished auditions for our show in Appleton, MN with 35 members of this western Minnesota community. This cartoon created by more...

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Envy the Cow Its Forgetfulness

NIETZSCHE, so many consonants! Without a familiar alphabetic pattern, one tends to be confused about the spelling. Yet even if there were more than 22,000 random letters to remember, Daniel Tammet could do it. Tammet is a savant with the remarkable ability to remember thousands of unpatterned digits of pi. Like other savants, his brain functions uniquely. Probably caused by “damage” to the left temporal lobe, a savant’s special gifts are typically feats of memory other human brains cannot perform. But why not? Because most people forget insignificant memories. Most people can’t even spell Nietzsche, for that matter, but savants...

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Instagrammer-in-Residence: Amy Kurzweil

Our Instagrammer-in-Residence is the amazing Amy Kurzweil. She is a cartoonist and writer living in Brooklyn. Her first book, Flying Couch: A Graphic Memoir, will be published with Catapult Books in October 2016. Her comics appear regularly with The Huffington Post, drDOCTOR and other publications. Her shorts stories have appeared in Hobart, Shenandoah, The Toast, Washington Square and other journals. She teaches writing and comics at Parsons and the Fashion Institite of Technology. Good morning pants wearers! Yes, I wake up late. Let me introduce myself. I am something like this hapless sucker in the middle here: a writer/#cartoonist at a slanted...

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Copies of Copies

Friends make fun of me for having a fireplace going on Netflix. And they’re right, it is a bit ridiculous. But we do not deal with real things anyway, only copies. Candles, for example. Longtime chandler Yankee Candle has attempted to copy the smell of just about everything in the natural world, from Fresh Cut Roses to a mixture of Mandarin and Cranberry. Apparently, they can also smell like A Child’s Wish and My Serenity. A Child’s Wish, you guys. One wish of children is to become rich. They think that will happen through robbing a bank. Of course,...

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Am I Bot or Not?

Before IBM’s Deep Blue made it cool, there was a chess-playing computer. In the late 18th century and into the 19th, it wowed incredulous audiences who couldn’t tell, though many suspected, that a human was somehow behind it. For these Western European spectators, the machine’s Turkish-inspired dress added to their perverse questioning of its humanness. History refers to this false automaton as the Mechanical Turk. Only after decades of its traveling show would it finally be revealed that a diminutive person, and extremely capable chess-player, had in fact been trained to operate the contraption from an inside compartment. As a...

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