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Author: Jackson Nieuwland

Crossing the Radioactive Moat

As I’ve been looking through the archives of the publications I’ve covered in this series, I’ve discovered something that almost all of them had in common: Paul Cunningham. He was published in Red Lightbulbs, had an ebook on Pangur Ban Party, contributed to ƒault, had one of the first poems on New Wave Vomit, poemed on Let People Poems… all while publishing his own online journal, Radioactive Moat. Radioactive Moat published eight issues between 2009 and 2013, after which it was succeeded by a new journal, Deluge (which is published, slightly confusingly, by Radioactive Moat Press). Perhaps because of its own radioactivity, the...

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The Life of the Pangur Ban Party

Pangur Ban Party was a website, run by DJ Berndt from 2009 to 2013, which published short fiction and poetry series. Inspired by bear parade and Bearcreekfeed, the website featured simple design with bold block colours. The writing was playful and often featured pop culture references (there are entire ebooks on the site about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Macaulay Culkin, The Simpsons, and the Wu-Tang Clan).

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Rest In Publishing: Red Lightbulbs

Hi, my name is Jackson Nieuwland. I’ve been following online and independent literature for six years now. There are plenty of people who have been a part of this community for a lot longer than me, I’m still a relative newcomer. But even in the short time I’ve been reading online journals and buying books from small presses, I’ve seen a lot of great publishers shut their doors. Some of them had been around for what seemed like forever and others lasted only a few months, but they all put out work that genuinely excited me and which deserves...

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A semi-chronological timeline of the making of LEFT

I got an assignment for a class I was taking: “Select a project and write a Creative Project Plan for taking it to the marketplace.” I selected LEFT. What is LEFT? Carolyn DeCarlo was part of a project called DOWN. Caro and I co-edited an online journal called UP. UP never officially ended but we haven’t published an issue since 2013. LEFT is a direction. LEFT is a political position. I am LEFT handed. first draft of cover by Nils Davey I thought for a long time about what I wanted LEFT to be. I studied other publications that...

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Real Pants

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