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A Few (by Luna Miguel)

A Few (by Luna Miguel)

In Friday’s edition of El Cultural published out of Madrid, Spain, writer Luna Miguel published the following piece (in the Opinion section).

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A Few

Marta Sanz, or Sylvia Plath, or Mary Shelley, or Ingeborg Bachmann, or Virginia Woolf, or María Llopis, or Clara Janés, or Yolanda Castaño, or Caitlin Moran, or Virginie Despentes, or Amélie Nothomb, or Natalia Ginzburg, or Chika Sagawa, or Silvina Ocampo, or Gloria Fuertes, or Sara Mesa, or Ruth Llana, or Chantal Maillard, or Cristina Rivera Garza, or Maria Mercè Marçal, or Isla Correyero, or Emma Cline, or Anne Carson, or Yasmina Reza, or Lucy K. Shaw, or Safo, or Jenn Díaz, or JK Rowling, or Alice Munro, or Svetlana Alexievich, or Catalina Stanislav, or Carmen Laforet, or Lisa Dierbeck, or Angela Carter, or Alejandra Pizarnik, or Elena Medel, or Joyce Mansour, or Carson McCullers, or Elena Garro, or Iris Murdoch, or Joan Didion, or Simone de Beauvoir, or Belén Gopegui, or Jane Austen, or Sara Torres, or Montserrat Roig, or Elvira Lindo, or Anne Sexton, or Emilia Pardo Bazán, or Sharon Olds, or Emily Witt, or Milena Busquets, or Marie Darrieussecq, or Dorothy Parker, or María Sánchez, or Margaret Atwood, or Rosalía de Castro, or Isabel Escudero, or Luciana Peker, or Laura Fernández, or Forough Farrojhzad, or Emily Dickinson, or Gioconda Belli, or Carmen Martín Gaite, or Patti Smith, or Daniela Camacho, or Emily Berry, or Valeria Luiselli, or Ana María Matute, or Julianne Pachico, or Natalia Litvinova, or Elena Ferrante, or Fatena Al-Gurra, or Claudia Apablaza, or Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, or Agatha Christie, or Dorothy M. Johnson, or Roxane Gay, or Lara Moreno, or Andrea Wulf, or Gabby Bess, or Amalia Bautista, or Delphine de Vigan, or Lucía Baskaran, or Mina Loy, or Ida Vitale, or Lola Nieto, or Alfonsina Storni, or Elvira Navarro, or Susan Sontag, or Diana di Prima, or Tálata Rodríguez, or Anaïs Nin, or Nina Yargekov, or Sara Herrera Peralta, or Donna Tartt, or Selva Almada, or Valérie Mréjen, or Lila Azam, or Tracy K. Smith… or whatever you want, say it. But when you talk about literature, quote a woman from time to time, ok? Thanks.

by Luna Miguel, translated from the original Spanish

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