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A Hollywood Notebook Menu from Wendy C. Ortiz

hollywood notebook

  At Table of Contents, the author of a new release provides a food/drink menu that’s themed to their book. This week, Wendy C. Ortiz, author of Excavation, offers a prose poem of a day’s comestibles to complement her new prose poem memoir, Hollywood Notebook, just out from Writ Large Press.

Tap a box of couscous so that ½ a cup pours into the saucepan.
Cover with water. Turn on the heat.
Break an egg over a heated pan. Watch it fry. Pay attention, no getting lost in the yolk.
Fluff the finished couscous in a handmade bowl. Slide the fried egg over top. Shake tamari droplets all over so it’s like sweat.
Serve in front of a window next to a full French press of coffee, your mug topped off.
Break the bright yolk you almost got lost in with a spoon, let it ooze thick over the semolina.

french press photo

Photo by IcronticPrime

(more coffee)

Combine leftover saag paneer, aloo gobi, basmati rice, and samosa in a pan. Stir, mash, over medium heat.
Serve in front of a window.

(more coffee)

Musso and Frank Grill:
Dark red wine
Porterhouse steak
Potatoes Lyonnaise
Brioche Bread Pudding
*No split plates* 

(Psilocybin mushrooms)

(Jack on the rocks)

(Pale ale)

Late night snack
Uncountable glasses of pinot grigio. Orange wedges, peels attached. Sticky wet slices of nectarine. No utensils.

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