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A Million Donuts by Linh Dinh

A Million Donuts by Linh Dinh

A Million Donuts by Linh Dinh

An honest day begins with getting up in the morning.
I went into the kitchen and was ecstatic to find a
million donuts, all ready to be put away. Each day above
ground is pure jelly, the old man said before falling
asleep. There was creamy chocolate on the inside, bright
blisters on the outside. Later the old man and I went
outside to build a snow man. A stubborn motherfucker,
he would not melt for a whole week. It was so hilarious
to see these animals talking to each other.

All Around What Empties Out by Linh Dinh is available from Tinfish Press.


About The Author

Richard Chiem

Richard Chiem is the author of You Private Person. He lives in Seattle, WA.

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