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Advice from Space: Visitors Welcome, I Guess

Advice from Space: Visitors Welcome, I Guess


Dear Advice from Space,

Do you think I should save my money and buy a seat on one of the tourist Space flights?

Space Tourist in Training

Dear Space Tourist in Training,

In my time in Space, I’ve learned very little. My muscles have atrophied. I’ve started having conversations with my hairbrush. I have not gathered much new about the varied and nuanced desires of the human race. I’m relying heavily on memories of What You All Are Like, but it’s not always clear whether those memories are real or false.

My initial reaction to your Space tourism dreams, and to Space tourism in general, is no. No, no, no.

No, my neighborhood is full. No, it’s dangerous. No, Space messes with your mind, and what if your experience sends you down the path of disillusionment, apathy, and nihilism?

I like to think I am special. I need to believe I’m important. And having someone encroach on my (admittedly vast) territory makes me question this whole deal.

What is the point of doing anything, or saying anything, or thinking anything, or experiencing anything, if someone else can come along and do or say or think or experience the same thing?

Bleakly yours,
Advice from Space

P.S. On the other hand, sure. Come to space. Why the heck not.

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