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An Audio Writing Prompt from Niina Pollari

An Audio Writing Prompt from Niina Pollari
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An Audio Writing Prompt from Niina Pollari
One way that we will celebrate new releases at Real Pants is by asking authors to provide a writing prompt that’s themed to their book. Then, readers are invited to post their responses to the prompt in the comments section of the post.

Today, we kick off with a contribution from Niina Pollari, author of Dead Horse (from the wonderful Birds, LLC). On Monday, Niina will choose a favorite among the comments and send the writer a signed copy of Dead Horse. Happy writing! Good luck!

niina-pollari-dead-horse-green-coverWRITING PROMPT

Part 1:
Find a place to lie down. Hit play on this MP3. When you’ve hit play, place your left hand on your heart and your right hand on your belly. Close your eyes. Listen until the end.

Part 2:
Write about what happened in your body in any way you feel is true.


Find out more about Niina Pollari’s Dead Horse, and read an excerpt at Birds, LLC.

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