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Author: Adam Robinson

Dan Brady’s Special Letterpress Cover

For the premier edition of Strange Children, the new collection of poetry by Dan Brady (Publishing Genius, April 2018), we’ve done a letterpress cover of the artwork by Jarod Roselló. We still have a few left, just $10, find out more here, where you can order a copy (if, for some reason, you haven’t already). Matthew Rohrer called the poems “frightening and relentless.” Dan Brady is the poetry editor at Barrelhouse. He lives in DC, where he was able to coordinate the production of this letterpress cover with Typecase Industries—which looks amaze. See Dan’s quick video about the process:...

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Notes on My Consumption in 2017

Movies Not that anyone asked, but here are my top ten movies, in vague order: Get Out Logan Lucky The Florida Project Dunkirk The Big Sick Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold Hidden Figures Lady Bird Girls Trip Wind River Gregg Murray told me I should insert this video of Mallory Ortberg doing Joan Didion: Books Thanks to the recommendation of a friend I joined the Book of the Month club this spring, so I read at least one new book each month. It was great—I felt so on top of the Current Conversation. Since I already wrote...

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Augury Books Is Open for Submissions

You can check “submit manuscript” off your New Year’s Resolutions. This just in from Augury Books: Dear Friends, I am delighted to announce that Augury Books will be holding an Open Reading Period from January 1st through January 31st, 2018. During this time, we will read poetry, short story, and creative nonfiction manuscripts and anticipate choosing one title from the work submitted to us to have a projected publication date within 18 months of selection. Authors at any stage of their career are encouraged to send us their work. We are passionate about reading open submissions manuscripts—discovering and falling...

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There’s No Accounting for Books

Putting out over 50 books with Publishing Genius—a small press I started eleven years ago—has been, to put it simply, fun. I can’t believe some of the fun, from selling movie rights to Shane Jones’s novel early on, or more recently placing Stephen Dixon’s Beatrice with a Swedish press for translation. I’ve written about the business stuff before, like seven years ago at HTMLGiant, when I wrote a post called “$20,333.08” which grapples with the cost of publishing, but I don’t write a lot about the fun stuff.  … And in my left hand there is the dark idea...

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Furniture Press Books Update

I’m super excited that Baltimore based poetry publisher, Furniture Press, has been going all these years. Publisher Christophe Cassamassima has brought a lot of great books and chapbooks into the world over the years, including stuff from M. Magnus, Chris Mason, Iris Cushing, Jen Coleman and lots, lots more. He just sent out an email with some exciting news, including Sandra Simonds’ selection for their next book. And dang coming in 2018 there will be a Selected Poems of Buck Downs, y’all. Here’s Christophe’s announcement: Daniel Owen, Buck Downs, Elizabeth Savage & Ethel Rackin are helping Furniture Press Books...

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Smoke on the Waterfront

What: Novelist Anna Schachner, Poet Katherine D. Perry and Pianist J. Wayne Gilreath, Cocktails When: Saturday, 8pm Where: Atlanta, at The Murray House How Much: $15 for all you can drink; $25 for all you can drink plus one book Our own Gregg Murray has started hosting cool events at his house in Atlanta. Every once in a while he gets writers to team up with other performers. It’s a party atmosphere, and I along with other cocktail enthusiasts put together a drink menu that goes along with the literary theme. This Saturday Gregg came up with the theme “Smoke on...

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8 Notebooks

I cleaned my desk the other day. A couple months ago when I did that, I wrote a bunch of mini reviews about books. Similarly, I’ve compliled some random samples from the 8 notebooks on my desk. 1. This little Jetpack merch thing There are notes in here from a talk about how to charge for freelance work: A caricature artist charges $10 on the street—should it be the same price if you intend to use it for a logo? <—- Value Based Pricing Editing is different from collaboration. Then there’s a four-column grocery list written by Amy, which includes: 8...

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Monstering Is Hiring

Just received a notice from Monstering, a magazine with the tagline: “DISABLED WOMEN AND NONBINARY PEOPLE CELEBRATING MONSTERHOOD.” They are hiring. Applications are open indefinitely, and are restricted to disabled women and nonbinary people. Priority will be given to black applicants, indigenous applicants, and applicants of color. If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to contact Brianna Albers at, or check out Monstering’s official website here. Photo by...

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The Gawker question, some random thoughts

[Here’s how far I got with my post about Gawker getting shut down, from back in August 2016. I appreciate that I started with Htmlgiant …] At its worst, and I’m not one of those who think it was that bad, htmlgiant was not as bad as Gawker at its worst. But Gawker still did good stuff. I think...

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You, you drive off to face it like a Mark Rothko, smoking one and driving like into a Mark Rothko and it’s enough, then bada-bing, voilà: a story, a culture.

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