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Author: Adam Robinson

Publishing Genius Sales and Stories (vol 1 of 7): Cheryl Quimba’s “Nobody Dancing”

Publishing Genius has been a bit quiet for a couple months, as I spent a while getting married to Amy McDaniel and, uh, merging our publishing operations (which I mentioned briefly in my post yesterday). But now we’re back! And to commemorate being back, I’ve set all the PG books to 50% off, including free shipping, for the next week. And every day this week I’ll be talking a bit about one of those books at our Facebook page and here on Real Pants too. At the end of the week I’ll have a special announcement or two, maybe, so stay tuned. And...

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I have been getting into making cocktails (and fancy non-alcoholic drinks, can I call them “mocktails,” idk), so I got the book from Death & Co, Death & Co, which is beautifully designed, large format, and kind of furry. I started going to thrift stores and buying unique glassware: That’s about $4 worth of glasses. As you may know, they all have cool names. Like the one in the back, second from the right, the tall one with the bulb-ish top? That’s called a “Nick & Nora” glass. Starting with these shapes usually inspires the drink I’m going to make. I always...

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Fall Sale at Wave Books

Yesterday I got an email from America’s favorite poetry publisher, Wave Books, announcing their fall catalog and that the books are on sale till Labor Day. That one from Mary Ruefle looks interesting. It’s 128 pages of prose pieces, “a brilliant and charming display of her humor, deep imagination, mindfulness, and play.” Renee Gladman’s Calamities, 144 pages, is linked essays about “life and the mind of the writer.” Look at this page from Cities at Dawn by Geoffrey Nutter: Fuuuuuuck. Nice, right? Sad. We can talk about it. (“Billet-doux” means “love letter”—in case, like me, you didn’t know.) The book is 120...

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A Little History of Book Reviews and the NY Times

There’s a lot of interest going on in this post announcing a change to the NY Times book review format—which is that the daily reviews and the Sunday Book Review will both be under the editorial purview of Pamela Paul. Does this mean there won’t be any more book reviews during the week? The article doesn’t explicitly say so. It’s a bit convoluted overall. Perhaps its author, David W. Dunlap, just wrote it on the quick because it had been forever since he posted anything … like I’m doing with this. Dunlap’s piece does talk about when the Times first started publishing reviews (on Saturdays,...

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Publishing Genius Submissions Are Open

Publishing Genius is open for submissions this month. Rather than send your manuscript, just answer a few questions. Submissions via Submittable. I wrote about it here. I believe accepting submissions this way allows for more transparency in my process for considering books. As a writer myself, I know I get excited when I send someone a manuscript, somehow expecting that they’ll read it carefully and send me some response that matches their considered opinion of the book. But that’s not actually how it works. (Read the whole post at Publishing...

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Interview with Jamie Perez

Finally, World, Jamie Perez has given us a collection of his poems to hold in our very hands. Everyone who knows Jamie knows of his radiance, and probably, like me, has been eager to find out what his book does. Now, thanks to Mark Cugini and Big Lucks Books, we know—and we are not disappointed. There Were Rivers Before People is a tight and bristling chapbook, one that seems bigger than the word “chapbook” to me (even though I love that word and its size). The 25ish poems interrelate and build off each other. They’re fun to read and invite reflection, which is the true...

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Dine with Tara Laskowski’s new book BYSTANDERS

Bystanders is the new book from Tara Laskowksi and the Santa Fe Writers Project. Jennifer Egan called the book “a bold, riveting mash-up of Hitchcockian suspense and campfire-tale chills.” Jen Michalski said Laskowski’s writing is “deceptively cozy,” noting that her stories are scarier than readers realize until they’re in too deep. Here Tara Laskowski provides the meal pairings and settings with which to dine while reading Bystanders and going deeper into the stories. The Witness Menu: Pierogies, haluski, stuffed peppers, sometimes lasagna. Basically every carb-heavy dish involving potatoes, meat and/or cheese. Washed down with soda poured from a two-liter bottle into filmy...

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Camp Real Pants Is Coming (to LA)

Camp Real Pants is just around the corner (April 1, no April Fools, honest), and we are pitching tents happy. I mean, just look at those T-shirts (or tee shirts)! Here’s another thing to look at: the official Camp Real Pants website, where you can see the schedule of speakers and readers and you can even register. Who are the speakers and readers? We’re excited to host some impressive leaders in the publishing industry, people who have forged (and are still forging) new and meaningful paths. Some examples include our banner sponsor, Submittable, whom everyone already knows and loves. They’ll talk...

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The Origin of Lavinia Ludlow’s Single Stroke 7 … and then some

Lavinia Ludlow’s new book, Single Stroke 7, is the latest from Casperian Books—it comes out today. They call it “A sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll tale too impoverished to afford any sex, drugs, or rock ‘n’ roll.” It’s the story of a young woman who plays drums and wants to break into the indie rock scene.  Here, Casperian editor Lily Richards tells the story of how the novel came to be. This is the story of how Lavinia Ludlow’s Single Stroke Seven went from manuscript query to finished book, or alternatively, how when you mix a small press and a perfectionist, sometimes...

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Camp Real Pants at AWP

Today we are happy to launch our event for AWP 2016 in LA: Camp Real Pants. It’ll be on Friday, April 1, at Astroetic Studios, which is about 15 minutes from the conference center, walking. Join us all day, and find out more about it at where you can register and get a free tee shirt. Mess Hall Readings At the start of the day, Publishing Genius and 421 Atlanta will be dishing up lunch grub and hosting readings by Jarod Roselló, Sarah Green, Chris Cheney, and more. Publishing bootcamp We’re going to have a publishing bootcamp, with great organizations presenting on all...

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Let Mike Young Tell You About “Only Love Can Bring You Peace” by Simon Joyner

Here’s a song by Simon Joyner: Here’s a picture of his new book: Only Love Can Bring You Peace is freshly published by the small press (from our own Mike Young everybody) Magic Helicopter. Mike went to where the stops were and pulled them all out in order to make this book. I mean it’s really beautiful. The cover is printed on a fabric-y laid paper, very soft, and it has flaps. And at about 300 pages, it’s girthy. There’s art inside, like this page, which is in color: And what the book is, you see, is a selection of Simon Joyner...

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