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Author: Adam Robinson

REAEDR from New Lights Press (Call for Submissions)

Yesterday on Facebook Mike Young asked for recommendations for new and innovative journals. Hey Mike, did you get the email that I just got, from NewLights Press? Proprietor Aaron Cohick is “very, very excited to announce and officially open submissions to REAEDR, a new magazine of one word poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.” Each issue will be built around a particular theme, and that theme, as well as the pieces inside, will determine the form, shape, color, material, processes, etc. of the issue. Issue 1: WAR (Summer 2015): Deadline of June 5, 2015 Issue 2: “FUCK EM IF THEY CANT TAKE A...

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Haints Stay by Colin Winnette

The latest from the prolific Colin Winnette, the novel Haints Stay, is now available from the phenomenal Two Dollar Radio. Saeed Jones calls it dangerous, and more. Well, here: “From his curiously harrowing Animal Collection to the glorious guts of Fondly, I trust wherever Colin Winnette’s imagination sees fit to take me. And now — with Haints Stay — we venture to the lawless old West for a story stitched out of animal skins and language that glimmers like blood diamonds. This is a dangerous novel; let’s read it and risk our lives together.” —Saeed Jones, author of Prelude to Bruise The acid western is about bounty...

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421 Atlanta Submission Guidelines

It’s 4:21 on 4/21 so, here, check out this post about 421 Atlanta. Amy McDaniel isn’t just the head of Real Pants, she’s also the publisher behind 421 Atlanta, which started last year as a chapbook press and just put out its fifth book, Lucy K Shaw’s compact collection, The Motion. Doubtless you’ve heard about it. It marks 421’s move away from only doing chapbooks. That’s relevant, because Amy just announced that submissions are open for new books, and she’s open to everything. But there’s a catch. You can’t submit your own work. Instead, you just nominate a person whose writing...

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Love Thy Neighbor: The Value of Regional Writers Conferences by Dan Brady

I attended DC’s Conversations and Connections conference for a few years and always found it to be an inspiring opportunity to converse and connect, so I asked Dan Brady—from Barrelhouse, one of the conference organizers—to write something about it. (Full disclosure: Real Pants is a Wi-Fi sponsor this year, so here’s hoping ALL the connections are smooth.) Dan has written a valuable essay that notes lots of reasons for people to attend any event like this, not just CCDC. And this is not a pitch, he says; “the conference is probably going to be sold out by the time you read this...

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The Scarecrone Story

Since we just passed the one year birthday of Melissa Broder’s book, Scarecrone, I thought I would repost the Origin story of the book, which was originally published at the PGP Tumblr. I think it’s interesting to people who wonder about the publishing process, getting their own book accepted, and for those who paid attention to the book’s release and want to look back at our expectations for it last year.   Sometimes I like to tell the story of a book and how it came to be. If you were at the release party for Edward Mullany’s first book, If I...

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Ebooks Survey

Ebooks are constantly changing, and at Real Pants, we’re interested in how the smart kids are using them (see my interview with Jim Hanas, ebook pioneer and HarperCollins exec). You might have noticed the ad in our sidebar for “Instant Future,” the ebook imprint from Future Tense, which has released two great ebooks so far. For over a year, Publishing Genius has also been working on our own imprint, “Ebook Flights,” which combines three short books that complement each other (like a beer or wine flight) and can be purchased and read one at a time, like on a flight from...

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Periscope and Writer Broadcasts

I’m too shy to do this review the way it should be done—with a camera, like a good unboxing—but apps like Periscope will probably remove that hurdle of self-consciousness in the coming months and years. The amount we expose ourselves seems to have no limit, and this new app goes another mile down that road. But what is it? It’s an app Twitter launched last week, allowing users to stream videos directly to other users’ phones. Anyone can comment in real time and “send hearts” to signify they like something. In their unveiling, Periscope said they want it to be like teleporting. It is. It’s uniquely...

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Oh, Phew: Net to Remain Neutral

Here’s cause for celebration: the FCC just passed its Net Neutrality regulations (2 Democrats voting yes, 2 Republicans voting no, FCC voting yes to make it 3-2). This prevents ISPs like Comcast from interfering with internet bandwidth. Thanks to Net Neutrality, I’m able to post this, and you’re able to read it: You suck, Comcast. Of course, there’s more to it than that and it will require some parsing, and I’m sure that Dylan Kinnett, the Real Pants web guru, will write more about it in the future. But while we’re on the subject, why does broadband service for...

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Book Production with Spencer Printing

I recently had a chance to talk with Jessica Bornstein from Spencer Printing about how books are made—how they’re actually physically printed and cut and bound together. Spencer has become a go-to printer for indie publishers because they do good work and guarantee it, their pricing is competitive (don’t tell them I said that), and they’re easy to work with. A few years ago I took a tour of Spencer’s northeastern Pennsylvania shop, not long after they started doing perfect bound books. Nate, the owner, a young guy in hiking shoes, opened worlds as he walked me around to all the different machines,...

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Advice for Scheduling Your First Reading Tour

Writer and good person Andrew Squitiro emailed me recently, asking for some tips on setting up a book tour. He hosted me in Norfolk at his own series one time, so I started writing him back and didn’t stop, then I revised my thoughts for mass consumption. If Andrew emails you, hook him up! How many cities are you trying to go to? Do you have particular places you want to hit? Are you traveling with anyone? Driving? How much flexibility do you have, timewise? How many people do you think will attend your events? Do you prefer certain types of...

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Infographic: Publicist Slush Pile

Here’s what five days worth of mail received at the Bustle office looks like. Something to keep in mind when trying to figure out why your book isn’t getting reviewed. Publicists: @bustle moved. Here's the mail that isn't getting to our new office. Email if you need our new contact. — Meredith Turits (@meredithturits) February 16, 2015...

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Curbside Splendor Submissions

This just in, from Curbside Splendor: Curbside Splendor is seeking submissions! Send us your novel, your memoir, your collection of stories, essays, or poetry. Send us your magnum opus, the book that has your whole heart and more. We want to read it. And maybe we’ll publish it. To submit, view our submission guidelines, and visit our online submission portal....

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The Making of “Bloodletting in Minor Scales”

Plays Inverse is a Pittsburgh-based press that publishes plays in book form. Go back and say the name again. See? That’s exactly what the publisher, Tyler Crumrine, is doing. The interior of the second release, Bloodletting in Minor Scales by Justin Limoli, is beautifully designed, resembling a collection of poetry as much as a play. The text is all over the place: “Stage Fright” and “Mental Ward” are listed as characters, as is “Justin”—a “ghostly figure that haunts the ongoing existence of the play.” Godot appears impatiently and Mental Ward tells him, “Not yet.”  Bloodletting is obsessed with its writing, and the beginning of the...

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Bookperk, Ebooks and HarperCollins

Indiebound, B&N, Kobo, Amazon, iBooks, Google. There seem to be more ways to buy eBooks than “regular” books. 0s & 1s, anybody? Atavist? Scribd? Emily Books? Reader, do you buy eBooks? How? Here’s something: Bookperk, a program from HarperCollins that offers eBooks from the HarperCollins catalog for $1.99 (sometimes $2.99, but always darn near free). Sign up, and every day you’ll get an email with a few titles to choose from, which you can buy through all the popular channels. The email also includes giveaways, advance looks at new books, author exclusives, even deals on paperbacks. If you’re anything...

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Caketrain 12

There’s a new issue of one of my long-running fave journals, CAKETRAIN. Look at this beauty: They’re still doing these 254 page journals for $9, and no shipping fee! WTF! This one features some old faves: Ryan Call, J’Lyn Chapman, Sarah Rose Etter, Brian Evenson, Kelsie Hahn, Alyce Knorr, Darby Larson, Gary Lutz, JoAnna Novak, Kim Parko, Vanessa Place, May-Lan Tan and tons more. (Pre)order...

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I Courtney Love Weirdness

Sometimes on Facebook you can catch a glimpse of a conversation from people you don’t really know, and you might carry on that conversation in your home. Such an instance led Amy and I to discuss how hard it is for weird people to become famous enough for her cousin, a sixth-grader, to know and be moved by their work. Like if you want a young person to have good examples, and all they know of “weird people” are celebrities like Johnny Depp, whose weirdness devolves into wearing funny hats as he becomes more and more famous, what do...

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Point/Counterpoint: Reading from Smartphones

Point In my opening argument, I make the claim that ill-prepared performers are awkward regardless of whether they go “analog” or “digital.” Counterpoint There is an audience present, and considerate readers ought to do everything they can to prove that matters to them. In Defense of Smartphones by JD Scott 1a. In my opening argument, I make the claim that ill-prepared performers are awkward regardless of whether they go “analog” or “digital.” Much like you wouldn’t print poems on the back of a Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon because you’re out of paper, or like, in yellow ink because...

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