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Author: Bruce Covey

What’s New in Poetry, 5-7-15

Hi, I hope you enjoy tonight’s episode of What’s New in Poetry, with four new videos by four amazing young poets. Joanna C. Valente and Lo Kwa Mei-en each have brand new, amazing books, and Laura Theobald and Mike Krutel each have rockin chapbooks with full-lengths, I would imagine, soon forthcoming. I’m really thrilled about all four of these readings and hope you’ll enjoy them too. Laura Theobald: “There’s this other story, obviously, about Nietzsche and a horse. My friend, interrupting, says, ‘I could say a lot of shit about the seeds of change cuz butterflies are all metaphoric,...

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What’s New in Poetry, 4-23-15

Hi! Apologies! I had to skip our 4/9/15 episode because of AWP. But I hope an extra video today will make up for it! Today’s readers are Shelly Taylor, Steven Karl, Paula Mendoza, Vanessa Jimenez Gabb, & Jane Lewty, from, well, all over the world–AZ, FL, TX, NY, & Amsterdam! I’m proud to have published books by Shelly (Braddock Prize) & Steven (Cargill Prize) with Coconut. Jane’s first book won the 1913 First Book Prize from 1913 Press. & Paula and Vanessa are bound (pun intended) to have full-length collections soon! Watching these videos again for like the 12th...

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What’s New in Poetry, 3-26-15

Hi!! So much has happened since we last spoke!!! There was Friday the 13th, Pi Day, St. Patrick’s Day, the first day of spring, and the abhorrent misappropriation of Michael Brown’s body in the form of a “reading” at Brown University. Now what? While we can’t forget and won’t forget and the discussion hasn’t ended and shouldn’t end, poetry continues. And today I present four amazing new videos to you. These four poets are from MA, CO, NY, and OH. Kate’s first book was recently accepted & comes out later this year. Serena’s second book comes out later this year...

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What’s New in Poetry, 3-12-15

Hi!! It’s two days before pi day!! Today’s four terrific videos come from NJ, AZ, WY, & NY. Ben, Meghan, and Ginger all have really great, brand new first full-length books of poetry out, and Layli’s first full-length is forthcoming. All four are wonderful poets & people! You’ll need a designated driver after listening to these poems!! Here’s what they say: “When the clock stopped telling time, I stopped telling stories to my hands as if they would live forever.” –Meghan Privitello “I stop wheels, slow sheep, bounce, drop sheep shit across highways, potholed, me, I, grass, nothing.” –Layli...

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What’s New in Poetry, 2-26-15

Welcome again to What’s New in Poetry!!! What did you think of our last episode? Pretty awesome? You’ll love this one too!!! It stars Michelle Detorie, Tyler Gobble, Jane Wong, & Natalie Eilbert!!! Michelle’s and Tyler’s first books each came out very recently, and Natalie’s will come out any day!!! You can find Jane’s work all over the web. These are four of the best new poets I know!!! Oh, & in keeping with my other introductions, Jane lives in Seattle, WA, Natalie lives in NY, Tyler lives in TX, and Michelle lives in CA. You’d need to drive...

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What’s New in Poetry, 2-12-15

It is 8pm in Atlanta a Thursday / two days before Valentine’s Day, yes / it is 2015 and I post four videos / & everyone & I stop breathing. Nikki Wallschlaeger lives in Wisconsin & Peter Davis lives in Indiana & Maryam Parhizkar lives in New York & Carrie Lorig lives in Florida. I feel compelled each week to tell you which state each poet lives in–it helps me to feel, ironically, that we’re all in the same room. You probably know this already, but all four of these poets are awesome!!! Another thing they have in common...

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What’s New in Poetry, 1-29-15

Hi!!! This week’s episode of What’s New in Poetry contains four terrific new videos!!! Please watch & enjoy & comment & send me messages!!! I’m at or you could track me down in person in Atlanta! I can’t believe how awesome these four poets are!!! erica lewis and Elisa Gabbert each have a couple of books out, and erica has a chapbook forthcoming from Lame House. erica lives in San Francisco and Elisa lives in Denver. Paul and Ella SHOULD each have a full-length out soon–they’re both so good!! Paul lives in IN and Ella lives in CO. Both have done stuff...

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What’s New in Poetry, 1-15-15

Hi!!! Thanks so much for all of your kind comments in response to our last episode!!! Happy one-one-five-one-five!!! Today’s episode contains four super awesome new videos–I hope you love them as much as I do!!! The first is from Justin Marks, who was supposed to read at our irl series before it was cancelled. He’s in NYC. His recent book from Barrelhouse is terrific!!! Morgan Parker’s also from NYC. This is already her second Real Pants appearance, which shows how much we all love her!!! Tracy Dimond is poetry’s next rockstar!!! She lives in Baltimore. & then definitely don’t...

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What’s New in Poetry, 1-1-15

Hi!!! Happy New Year!!! I’m so happy to bring back What’s New in Poetry, this time on the web as a part of Real Pants. Thanks so much, Amy & Adam! Our first episode has four videos. The first is from DC superstar & founder of NaPoWriMo, Maureen Thorson. The second comes from Argentina, from former Atlantan & 421 Atlanta author Dan Beauregard. The third is from one of my up-and-coming faves, MA poet Dara Cerv. The last is from Coconut Books author and Seattle poet Lauren Ireland, who totally rocks! Pictures and bios below. Have fun! & you...

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