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Author: Dave K

One Day As Lion: A Review of Justin Sanders’ for all the other ghosts

My name is Dave K., and 2016 has been fucking terrible. Gene Wilder, Prince, and David Bowie are dead. Institutional racism is not, as witnessed by the deaths of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and too many other victims of police violence this year. Meanwhile, the most uninspiring presidential election in recent memory looms in the background as a reminder that America has reached a crisis point within identity politics. Too many issues facing this nation are being reduced to a referendum on whose tribe is louder. Consider the recent dialogue surrounding trigger warnings, which was rekindled by the University...

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The Only Way to Do It Is to Do It

My name is Dave K., and I just finished revising a script for the Baltimore Rock Opera Society. Yes, Baltimore has a rock opera society. It’s a DIY theatre company and arts collective that produces original, full-length rock operas with no shortage of opulent spectacle, inspired by comics, video games, heavy metal, and the Brian DePalma cult classic Phantom of the Paradise. I’ve been a member since 2011, and have worked on two scripts prior to this one, but those were collaborative editing endeavors. For this script, the text was left to me, with guidance from the directors and...

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