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Author: Gregg Murray

Square Dancing, A Mather of Life & Death

‘Tis the season to swing one’s partner round and round. And yet everywhere we see dance floors occupied by citizens who can hardly stand up straight. Gone are the days of Fezziwig, Ebenezer Scrooge’s erstwhile boss. Gone the happy days of Christmas Past. Consider the American wedding reception, a ritual in which people drink themselves into malware and stumble onto the hardwood floors of middle school gymnasiums—or the lobbies of swank hotels, as money variously allows. That said, for richer or poorer, square dancing has given way to six or eight easily imitable moves that one can execute under...

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Master of the Segway

What is it really, this puzzling device, the segway? You lean forward and it moves forward. But why? If you are on something with wheels, do not lean forward. Physics dictates not doing that. It is plain to see that these traveling ticket counters operate by dark magic. The segway, a vessel of tourism, is designed not to be stationary; two wheels beneath a platform are in constant tilt. This is an unstable, Heraclitian gesture of not staying in the same place. It is an object built explicitly for the indigenous suburbanite to explore the city around which they...

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Dr. Finck Joins Muse/A

Atlanta’s Shannon Finck has joined Muse/A Journal as an assistant editor. Shannon is now part of a team that includes Anya Vostrova, Simona Chitescu Weik, Shamar Hill, and Taylor D’Amico. Here’s a little bit about Shannon, straight from the source’s mouth (see what I did there?): I am a limited-term assistant professor of English and composition at the University of West Georgia. I earned my Ph.D. in twentieth-century American literature with a secondary emphasis in global postmodern and contemporary literatures at Georgia State University in 2014. I also hold an M.F.A. in creative nonfiction and narrative poetry from Georgia College (GCSU) in Flannery O’Connor’s hometown...

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Muse/A Pushcart Nominations

While y’all were eating fried poultry at Bantam & Biddy, I was doing nominations for the Pushcart this year. No, no, don’t click the links yet. I’m gonna make a few comments right here and then you can click ’em. Melissa /FREDERICK, “Watching Nirvana While Sick in Bed” With the lights out, this poem is less dangerous. The poem’s power chord consonants are resonant, redolent of grunge and sampling acid. Takes me back to when I was cool. And adventurous and angry. Emily /MYRICK, “Even Silence” I feel like an isosceles triangle when I read this, suddenly conscious of...

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Muse/A Partners with Publishing Genius

When the server gets here, order a salad. You’re gonna want to save some room for this. Not to mix too many metaphors, but slick-haired new kid Muse /A Journal is teaming up with the practically tween-aged Publishing Genius.  (I’ll save you the #promposal.) From this partnership, expect a Muse /P (Publishing /A?!) Book Contest, a rejuvenated Real Pants, workshop classes, design collabs, and enough cross-posting to make your head spin like a WH presser. Okay, but what is Muse /A? Literary journal Muse /A is a style-centred ode to lyrical language, a thrice yearly publication, of which one is print. Publishing Genius,...

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Hot Preview of Muse /A 1.2

We’re aflame at Muse /A Journal (pronounced ‘myoo-zay’) over the hearty relevance and lyrical power of the art in issue two, so we’re sharing this preview with y’all (pronounced ‘yawl’). After launching issue one by myself at last year’s AWP (‘hot’ ‘garbage’), I’ve been fortunate to add two genre editors in Marissa Hewatt (Poetry) and Anya Vostrova Chambers (Lyric Essay). Justin Fredericksen has also been instrumental in helping us establish a web presence. We can be found at Once Anya sat the team down with the artwork of Richard Selesnick & Nicolas Kahn, issue two started to really...

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Instagrammer-in-Residence: Justin Tornow

[Editor’s note: The AMAZING] Justin Tornow is a North Carolina native, currently located in Durham, NC. She is the artistic director of COMPANY, a producer of the local artist series PROMPTS, and a co-founder and -organizer with Durham Independent Dance Artists (DIDA.) She collaborates regularly with visual artist Heather Gordon and musicians Matthew McClure and Lee Weisert on new and touring projects. Justin’s work has been presented by the Sax Open Festival in Strasbourg, France, UGA-Cortona in Cortona, Italy, Triangle Dance Project, GSO Fringe Festival, DUMBO Dance Festival, CoolNY Festival, 2012 Philly Fringe, and the NC Dance Festival (among others.)...

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The Feed Eaters

Domesticated animals eat feed. Day after day, the farmer fills the trough with the same oats, the same feed. As we lie in sleep, our sidecars charge, our prostheses: computers, tablets, smartphones. Receptacles for the news feeds, charging to accommodate relentless scrolling throughout the day. Everywhere, silently revving for the coming feeding. What are we eating? Perhaps Henry David Thoreau was correct to write in Walden: “And I am sure that I never read any memorable news in a newspaper. If we read of one man robbed, or murdered, or killed by accident, or one house burned, or one...

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