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Autonomy & Attention: A Guide

Once I had a boyfriend who said his friend got beat up by her boyfriend. I asked him what he’d done about it, what he’d said to the friend/to the boyfriend/to anyone, and he replied that he couldn’t feel sorry for girls who made bad choices. Once I dated a guy who told me he couldn’t read books with female protagonists, because instead of understanding them he’d just want to fuck them. Once I took a hookup to a Hockney show and later he told my parents that he didn’t think I’d understood it. Boys who never asked questions,...

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Eat Me, California (Jamie Iredell, His New Book, and Food)

Before I wrote the first draft of Last Mass I did two years of research. I thought I was going to write a historical novel with the Franciscan Father Junípero Serra—the colonial founder of modern California—as my protagonist. So I read his journals, and his biography, written by his contemporary, Father Francisco Palou, and a whole bunch of other stuff about early California. Among the things that fascinated me were the many mentions of food—what the Spaniards and Native Californians ate, and how the ingredients of those respective cultures combined (along with a healthy dose of native Mexican influence,...

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Real Pants

Good hair, crooked gait

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