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Author: JD Scott

H.A.G.S. #5: Dear Esther and Gone Home: Two Video Games for Writers and Readers

Part of the practice of trying to be an active reader over this summer—with the mindset of “book talk”—is that sometimes I’ll finish a work and fail to have much to say. Sometimes the experience of reading the book is enough (or anything I might say could be an unkindness). This past week, on the flip-side, I’ve spent some time playing two games I was recommended because they possess literary and poetic qualities. It’s fascinating, how in the world of video game fans, these elements often result in a game being delegated to art (which can be praise or a pejorative, depending...

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H.A.G.S. #4: Southern Cryptozoology by Allie Marini and Daniel, Damned by Tim Jones-Yelvington

It’s a week of brevity here at H.A.G.S.—I’ve spent time this past week reading some fresh (and fun) chapbooks that came in the mail. I always love the torque that chapbooks provide in their conceit, whether to fragment a short story, spread it across two dozen or so pages at a careful pace, or otherwise take on the form of a compendium. This week we have both a poetic bestiary and a pop fairy tale to guide us through the candied wasteland of summer. Southern Cryptozoology by Allie Marini Hyacinth Girl Press, 2016 Bestiaries are one of my self-indulgences—as...

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H.A.G.S. #3: All the Rage by sam sax and Nostalgia for Death by Xavier Villaurrutia

I’ve been thinking of that speculative poem by Jeffrey McDaniel called “The Quiet World” in which the government allots each person a limited number of words they can use per day. This week, with the shooting at Pulse, the 49 dead—I have used up nearly all my allotted words. Most of the victims were queer. Most of the victims were latinx. We all know this already, but it should be said again. All of the victims were in the spaces I grew up in, the Florida nightlife I attended like church. I can’t not feel a closeness to this,...

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H.A.G.S. #2: Writing the Other by Nisi Shawl/Cynthia Ward and Copper Mother by Alyse Knorr

In this week’s edition of H.A.G.S., consideration is centered around the speculative work of “the other” and two unrelated books that have quite a lot to say to each other. The first book is an essay collection by Nisi Shawl and Cynthia Ward that resulted from the 1992 Clarion West Writers Workshop—in which “one of the students expressed the opinion that it is a mistake to write about people of ethnic backgrounds different from your own because you might get it wrong—horribly, offensively wrong—and so it is better not even to try.” The second book, a new poetry collection by...

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H.A.G.S.: Summer Reading with JD Scott #1

This summer I’ll be doing a little residency here at Real Pants—with a new post going up every Wednesday. Think of me as that cute li’l sun clip art wearing sunglasses (what is the sun shielding its eyes from?). Or dirt dessert fresh with gummy worms. Or chicken-scratch in glittery gel pen on the back page of your yearbook: yelling at you in all caps to HAVE A GREAT SUMMER. This space will mostly be used for summer reading lists or mini-reviews (today’s reviews are incidentally quite un-mini). I’ll try to keep it thematic too. This week’s theme is: “There is...

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