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Author: Muriel Vega

Don’t eat your hot dog without it

Ah, America’s birthday. The one day a year when it’s okay to stuff yourself silly with hot dogs, neon color drinks and get burned by fireworks. Oh wait, no, that was just me this past Saturday as I hung out at Cabbagetown Park and one of the fireworks went rogue and hit the back of my leg (ouch!). I was still luckier than the guy that got hit in the eye; he was OK thankfully. Either way, I hope you got some well-deserved pool time this weekend. Back to hot dogs! So, growing up in Panama I never quite...

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Cherry Bomb

I think you’re either a cherry or a strawberry person. I’m more of a strawberry person, but for some reason, cherry-stained hands just fills me with joy as they signify the start of summer. Last year, I forgot to buy a cherry pitter before making my first cherry pie ever. I had over 2 pounds of black cherries waiting to be turned into a summer pie. Laziness won out and I used chopsticks to pit the cherries. As I kept stabbing myself all over my hands (I know, I questioned my adulthood too), I still enjoyed seeing my hands...

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A Spicy Pickle

Patience is an essential ingredient to good food. I think so anyways. Whether you are waiting for a special dish at a new restaurant, an oh-so-spicy hot chicken to be fried somewhere in Nashville or you’re simply cooking at home, good food is always worth the wait. I’ll be talking about foods that take their time to get mighty tasty in this column, from pickles that only take a few days to a meat that might take up to a month to be ready. We’ll be smoking, pickling, canning, baking, and fermenting just about everything under the sun (with...

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Real Pants

Good hair, crooked gait

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