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Author: Natalia Castells-Esquivel

Instagrams from the New Literary Community

Writers are weird creatures—that’s no secret. Just read up a bit on the quirky habits of the most famous writers in history. Or, you know, look at your own. I mean, I have to follow a very strict routine before I get any typing done: make a cup of peppermint tea (two minutes in the microwave), light a Febreze candle, and put on the striped Ecuadorian pants I stole from an ex-boyfriend (they looked better on me). I’m definitely weird, but what about other people in the literary community? Editors, illustrators, readers, publishers, librarians, storytellers—what are their habits? Well,...

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Stories, Community, and Fully Developed Brains

About a year ago, my friend Sarah Friday and I started a collaborative literature project called StoryDrop. The premise is simple: Someone writes the first page of a story on a little black book and leaves it—“drops” it—somewhere in the city. They post about the location on Instagram and, thanks to the magic of social media, someone else finds it and continues the story. The process repeats itself until, eventually, we have a story written by a city. So far, there are three books circling around Atlanta and we are about to drop ten more. IT’S WORKING! (intoned à la...

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Real Pants

Good hair, crooked gait

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