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Author: Nick Sweeney

Ebooks Interview with Matthew Simmons

  Instant Future is an ebook-exclusive imprint of Future Tense Books. Run by Matthew Simmons, Instant Future stood out among the many different ebook models that Adam Robinson and I researched when coming up with a business plan for Ebook Flights. Nearly a year old, the imprint has published books from Litsa Dremousis, Elissa Washuta, and Zach Ellis. I asked Matthew Simmons some questions about the series he runs and ebooks in general. What inspired you to start Instant Future? Kevin Sampsell from Future Tense Books reached out to me to see if I might be interested in helping him...

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Interview with Andrew Lipstein

 0s&1s is a digital publishing house and bookstore focused on independent literary ebooks and magazines. They also feature a trio of conversation features (check out this one between Laura van den Berg and Karen Olsson) The fight 0s&1s has taken to Amazon has garnered attention from The Guardian, Chicago Tribune, and Mashable, as well as venues closer to home, like Poets & Writers (did you see their takeover of the RP Instagram account, btw?) and Publishers Weekly. Their hard work is paying off. 0s&1s is on the edge of whatever comes next for publishing, as evidenced by the fact that this month they announced that they...

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