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Author: Richard Chiem

A Million Donuts by Linh Dinh

A Million Donuts by Linh Dinh An honest day begins with getting up in the morning. I went into the kitchen and was ecstatic to find a million donuts, all ready to be put away. Each day above ground is pure jelly, the old man said before falling asleep. There was creamy chocolate on the inside, bright blisters on the outside. Later the old man and I went outside to build a snow man. A stubborn motherfucker, he would not melt for a whole week. It was so hilarious to see these animals talking to each other. All Around...

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The Passion According to G. H. by Clarice Lispector

an excerpt from The Passion According to G. H. by Clarice Lispector Then, once again, another thick millimeter of white matter spurted out. Holy Mary, mother of God, I offer thee my life in exchange for that moment yesterday’s not being true. The roach with the white matter was looking at me. I don’t know if it was seeing me, I don’t know what a roach sees. But we were looking at each other, and also I don’t know what a woman sees. But if its eyes weren’t seeing me, its existence was existing me–in the primary world I...

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White Plate Painted with More White by Fanny Howe

White Plate Painted with More White by Fanny Howe There was no mist on such an icy shore. The coast was a crust you could see at once glance, and a hard wind barreled over the sandy soil. Rusty war crosses tipped northeast. She was racing aimlessly, purposefully then, away from the path she had tracked to the rocks. A forgotten name moves in such fitful waves, engineered like tumbleweed across the mental floor. Fringed and furred with frost, the white waves rushed in and out of each other, and violent crests shot brine into the air, as if...

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So We Have Been Given Time Or by Sawako Nakayasu

So We Have Been Given Time   Or by Sawako Nakayasu CHARACTERS: geography enthusiast, twice removed. brother, as in your. or as in oh. young czech intellectual, female. estranged or expatriated cousin, male. young man of marrying age, recent dumpee. his too-kind mother, a goose. owner of the voice on the answering machine. soccer player whiffing a penalty kick. bartender outside of his natural environment. innocent spectators. fish butcher. man later determined as yang, the active male principle. DIRECTIONS: away comma. cross-country. relational advising push up closer or against. downstage from boston. 75-degree angle from the ground. buy this...

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Life of a Star by Jane Unrue

a selection from Life of a Star by Jane Unrue I wish I had a better story for you. After all, no sweeter way to quiet the face or calm the heart, soothe body after making love with wives or girlfriends, pick-ups, hookers, doesn’t matter. Best that I can offer is a reacquaintance with an incidental figure from a tale too old to be remembered well. There was at one time, far away, a girl who had been buried underground, no casket, sack. This site was not within that famous ornamental garden into which the people flock; at this...

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Diet Mountain Dew by Dorothea Lasky

Diet Mountain Dew   Something that I have Thought of recently Was my Diet Mountain Dew Bottle in the kitchen refrigerator I would like to be Home I would like to go Home and to the places Where people like me It is really hard to Keep the output At an input I go And no one gives A shit All they want Is the gift Without even knowing All the Diet Mountain Dew That went into it I go and people Just listlessly want Others to do it For them I ain’t doing Nothing anymore For no one...

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Airless Spaces by Shulamith Firestone

a selection from Airless Spaces by Shulamith Firestone The Turkish Filmmaker  He stood out on the ward immediately. Wild, handsome, though with bad skin and the beginning of the paunch of middle age, this character did not belong in a ward full of adolescents and old ladies. One wondered how he would find his way out, and what brought him in in the first place. I was attracted to him, I can tell you that. I surveyed my lost figure and my once gorgeous hair and knew I looked blah now. But still I thought if I could make...

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Surrounded by Friends by Matthew Rohrer

selections from Surrounded by Friends by Matthew Rohrer   Poem for My Sister   She was thinking of a hall carved deep beneath a mountain with her eyes closed when she suddenly opened them. She was still on the ferry but there was a difference a terrifying music was coming from the sky. In this same town lived a boy and a girl who could be in different rooms but know what the other was drawing. Poem Written with Basho   As fog clears away from the sad lake in the park I cling like ivy to my wife...

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Takahe by Stacey Teague

selections from Takahe by Stacey Teague   part one   in the morning i am on my laptop and i don’t even realise that outside exists yet   i am in a forest and i forget everything else   I always have the best harry potter-related dreams   the thing about you and me is that we are not afraid to hurt each other kindness is a good place to start   whilst talking about wisdom teeth i think that my life doesn’t feel like my own life   home is wherever my macbook is   i’ve forgotten what...

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S P R A W L by Danielle Dutton

a selection from S P R A W L by Danielle Dutton   Meanwhile, the cat tolerates my presence in his tiny sphere of physicality and the microwave disturbs all convention. I live dangerously; I stand in front of the microwave and stare at food revolving. It’s harder to stand still than to tell a story. But by effacing all other operations I may come to something important, standing here. Haywood passes me on his way to the garage. I hear the door close and watch his car move down the street. A lot of these dilemmas aren’t ever...

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The Guild of Saint Cooper by Shya Scanlon

a selection from The Guild of Saint Cooper by Shya Scanlon   We walked in silence to the meetinghouse. The building held two hundred people, all of whom sat on folding metal chairs facing a stage, and because the sun was flooding one side of the room everyone held their hands up to shield their eyes as though in salute. Blake was nowhere in sight. Kent pulled me down to sit with him at the back of the un-sunny side. He shifted in his seat and fiddled with the seams of his t-shirt — something he did when he...

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Ban en Banlieue by Bhanu Kapil

a selection from Ban en Banlieue by Bhanu Kapil   3. What is Ban? Ban is a mixture of dog shit and bitumen (ash) scraped off the soles of running shoes: Puma, Reebok, Adidas. Looping the city, Ban is a warp of smoke. To summarize, she is the parts of something re-mixed as air: integral, rigid air, circa 1972-1979. She’s a girl. A black girl in an era when, in solidarity, Caribbean and Asian Brits self-defined as black. A black (brown) girl encountered in the earliest hour of a race riot, or what will become one by nightfall. April...

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I Will Force This by Amina Cain

I Will Force This by Amina Cain   Lately I’ve been having a hard time knowing what’s good. I don’t even know how to write. Maybe I am only a reader. I try to force things, force stories. I have to work on a story for many, many months before it makes sense. Still, someone gave me the opportunity to copy a piece of writing onto the wall of a gallery. I’d never done anything like that before. I called it a hunger text, because it was about a woman who didn’t have enough money for food. On the...

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A Unicorn Is Born by Trinie Dalton

A Unicorn Is Born by Trinie Dalton Part One Uma My mother told me that to honor our species, firstborn unicorns should bear names that begin with the letter “U.” It’s exciting to imagine names for one’s own baby! I find myself eavesdropping on the conversations of others, just listening for names. My name is Ursula. While I am a unicorn named after a bear — I am, indeed, strong and hairy like a bear — my mother named my astrologically, after the constellation: she saw Ursula major the night I was born, shimmering despite the full moon. Quinn,...

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Bluebird and Other Tattoos by Luna Miguel

selections from Bluebird and Other Tattoos by Luna Miguel Red Bull Without Sugar Now, watch porn. Because it’s june and very hot in my soul. Because what better than to watch porn? To write? To read love poems? What better than the pleasure of a fellatio from someone that is not me to another someone that is not me to confirm my existence. I masturbate wrong. Pretend an orgasm. I dehydrate. I write for those who know my lie.   Breasts I have one breast bigger than the other. So men caress the one that is more bulky. They...

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Travel South by Gabby Bess

TRAVEL SOUTH by Gabby Bess The window to my bedroom muffles louder things that are happening just on the other side.   Though I know that we are just animal machines that will one day leave a final task uncompleted,   I want to gather a crowd of strangers to smash and break objects with their hands.   Through this experience the strangers will create a shared memory and when everything is broken they can turn to one another and say, “Remember when things were whole?”   After I incite the crowd of strangers into smashing and breaking objects...

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Sorrow Arrow by Emily Kendal Frey

selections from Sorrow Arrow by Emily Kendal Frey   People are beautiful Really stunning: necks, hips, cheek skin, pants You are trying to walk to the store You are only thinking about kissing People are intriguing and boundaried Tiny ships in paintings A sandwich without several items It hurts you to say that You go home and give away all your books Gorgeous, articulated people Moving into their names Not having money is real Big mean crow in a tree Your body image in the distance is the image Love is a mesh handbag Love on the asphalt We’re...

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Asuras by Jayinee Basu

sections from Asuras by Jayinee Basu   Eileen Myles Once Described Food Eileen Myles once described food as the glowing rungs that she could grab onto throughout the day. I think about this in the water of an empty pool. Nearly all water frightens me with its cold and impersonal desire to constantly be murdering. I will drown I know this. I will drown in some kind of ridiculous liquid. I cling on to a metal bar and place my cheek against it. I am falling in love rapidly and I don’t want this moment to be about love,...

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