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Author: Richard Chiem

The Baltimore Atrocities by John Dermot Woods

from The Baltimore Atrocities by John Dermot Woods FORGOTTEN APPOINTMENT The best place to encounter new friends is out on the plazas down near City Hall, especially in the middle of the weekday, and so, during my time in Baltimore, when the weather was warm, I was sure to eat my lunch there three of four times a week, often without my companion. One afternoon, after I had finished my roast beef sandwich and was preparing to leave, a young woman, not older than twenty-one, sat down beside me, her body slumping, belying some defeat. She startled me, as...

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300,000,000 by Blake Butler

from 300,000,000 by Blake Butler Something in this room begins to shake. This room where you are sitting with your hands before you, reading. You don’t hear it because I said that it began. You refuse to take part in trying to hear thereafter because I’m talking about you directly to you and this object is a book. You don’t like the idea of me communicating through you, outside of time. But there is something. In the room. Shaking. Behind your back, or just downstairs, or maybe by the window where you sleep, or in the curtains, soft as...

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‘Mr. Dobson & the After-Life of Carnations’ by Wong May

Mr. Dobson & the After-Life of Carnations by Wong May If there are secrets A man can keep, apart from Death He believes in them. From the florist’s dump of rotting ferns & tall boxes marked “Holland” He picked carnations, discreetly Carnations   to undo The wires, stem by stem, leaching out the stopped blood the torsion In sand; count 9 weeks & they open discreetly Cogwheels catching cogwheels As in a clocksmith’s dream of heaven so many military decorations! … Unwound, they must take up all time, From the park-attendant’s wheelbarrow there are spares, strays, seconds Lobelia, alyssum, snapdragon...

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