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Author: Sade Murphy

Never Can Say Goodbye

Luckily I don’t have to. Okay so I’m really trying to get my thoughts together for this final post. I mean, in a few days I’ll be heading to New York, starting my first classes as an MFA candidate… laying the foundation for world domination. You know, no big deal. According to Chani and the amazing tarot reading I received this summer I am on the precipice of some powerful juju. This is such an exciting time. And it’s been a rough summer in some regards… doing the work of healing, the work of letting go of people and things...

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I Feel Precarious

  I’m a lowkey multiverse nerd. I spend a lot of time imagining what other Sades in alternate realities are up to. I love to drive. I love just getting in the car and cranking the music up to near obnoxious levels and whipping along the river shoutsinging like tomorrow doesn’t matter. In another reality Sade became the first black lesbian Nascar champion. She has the first all femme queer pit crew. She loves the speed. She can’t lose. She skydives, she climbs mountains, she scuba dives. She’s petite and reticent, says “yup” and “mmhmm” a lot in conversations....

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Upside Down and Inside Out

I have seen Inside Out three times. Three. Times. I have paid real cash money to see this movie in theater, with popcorn. I cried every time. I think this is important to say because: I don’t go to the movies a lot. I never see Disney/Pixar movies on purpose. I hate crying at movies, in public, with strangers. The first time, I had to see it at my least favorite theater because I didn’t want to see it in 3D. The theater employs cops during the evening shift, which I didn’t realize so I was caught off guard...

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Tearful Slut Anime

Things have been rather heavy lately. I’ve been feeling emotionally tapped out. I was really inspired by the last episode of For Colored Nerds where Brittany and Eric talk about things they are grateful for. So this week I want to talk about something I love and share my favorite animes with you. According to my Hulu and Netflix histories I’ve watched almost 30 animes over the last 18 months. Out of all of those I’ve only hated three. I’ve listed my top five. My criteria for top five in no particular order of importance: Fairly feminist Gotta make...

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St. Margaret’s House and the Importance of Matriarchal Spaces

My first visit to St. Margaret’s House was hella tearful. I was a hot mess. I felt absolutely pathetic. It was winter already, snowy, hellishly cold and dreary outside. Walking downtown under the weight of the permacloud, I tried and failed to remain upright, slipped on a patch of ice into some dirty road slushed snow and started to cry. It wasn’t even noon yet. A woman walking in the opposite direction had seen me fall and asked if I was okay and pressed some money into my hand. I was so fucking ashamed. Not only did I look...

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Soooooo. I don’t know about you but my emotions are all over the place. For a second I entertained the thought of skipping this week’s post, but I feel duty bound (even if only to myself) to be present in this space, to be visible. But I needed help to do that, so I’m sharing the stage this week with MCAG: WE WRITE A STATEMENT CONCERNING OUR FREE AFFECTIVE LABOR A STATEMENT TO SHAME THE TRANSPARENT DESIRES OF PATRIARCHAL AUTHORITY/AND WHITE CORPORATE GOVERNANCE. But first, there’s a poem I’ve been working on for a while that I want to share with...

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Kitchen Britches

From the moment we met last August, I knew Katy Cousino was a kween after my own heart. I had already heard her praises sung on the lips of Paul Cunningham so I was ready. We have spent the year absolutely intoxicated by each other’s company. We serve the community together, we eat together, we get faded together, we rage together, we shower Paul with affection together, we throw shade together, we get real real tearful together. She’s my first fat gurl love, she makes it easier for me to love myself. I’ve had a lot of “friends” and...

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Everybody Knows I’m a Motherfucking Monster

I just finished season one of Tokyo Ghoul. I haven’t cried so much during an anime since Attack on Titan, Kill la Kill and Kamisama Kiss combined. I think one of the things that touches me so deeply about this anime… and many other things that are touching me deeply right now, is the dialogue it has with my insides about how to come to terms with becoming or being a monster. I’ve been circling around this idea of the feminine as the origin of the grotesque in my mind. Femmes as vulnerable monsters. Two other films come to...

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Radio Silence

  This week’s post is basically a triple Britchlist: one part tearful slut podcasts, one part poetry britch magic, one part everything else. First the podcasts. These are all of my favorite podcasts and it goes without saying that at one point or another they have made me tearful. Another great thing about these podcasts is that more than half of them were introduced to me by Jay Santa Cruz, who has impeccable tastes. The concept of a weekly britchlist was inspired by her love of sharing awesome things with me in the course of our friendship. The Read is...

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Lonely Britches Presents: Model Minority Mutiny!

This week I want to share with y’all a communique sent to me by my britches in arms, Asian/Asian American poets, writers and translators regarding recent anti-blackness they have witnessed in the poetry community. This is their letter:  Model Minority Mutiny! Today and forever we reject and rebuke Asian/Asian American works that uphold the racist, anti-black framework of model minority. If your Asian/Asian American-ness is invoked only when people (Black poets especially) speak about anti-black, destructive work, and only invoked to say, “I’m conflicted! I’m only personally affected because the people who published me are under fire—otherwise I would not be...

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Are You Happy with Yourself?

Do you ever not know what to say about the quality of your current happiness to make people understand how significant it is? The last several months of my life have been suspiciously good. My first book was published, people seem to like it. I applied to and got into my dream MFA program. My first AWP was an absolute ball. I currently work a job where I get to create something deeply beautiful everyday. I have met the most precious and fierce poets. I am on a fantastic movie streak. I’m writing this beat. I’m feeling myself. And you...

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Including but Not Limited To

Hi, so, welcome to Lonely Britches. This is an introductory post where I try to answer what I assume will be two frequently asked questions and do one other thing. FAQ One: “Why Lonely Britches?” Because I really wanted to call it Tearful Sluts, but I felt like that was doing too much right out the gate. I went with Lonely Britches because it’s basically the same thing (“britches” being what my phone autocorrects “bitches” to) and I was also inspired by the poem Lonely Women by Seungja Choi, trans. by Won-Chung Kim and Cathy Park Hong. But I’m going...

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