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Bluebird and Other Tattoos by Luna Miguel

Bluebird and Other Tattoos by Luna Miguel

selections from Bluebird and Other Tattoos by Luna Miguel

Red Bull Without Sugar

watch porn.

Because it’s june and very hot
in my soul.
better than to watch

To write?
To read love poems?

What better
than the pleasure
of a fellatio
from someone
that is not me to
another someone
that is not me
to confirm
my existence.

I masturbate wrong.
Pretend an orgasm.
I dehydrate.
I write for those who know
my lie.



I have one breast bigger than the other.

So men caress the one that is

They are smart.
I think.
It’s an animal instinct.

My chest
my breast
my tit purple from bites
from the cold
from imperfection.

Only you are perfect
only him,
I say,
greasy heart,
he prefers the smell of shit
to the smell of

he and the perfect defect
of his warm chin

from his warm touch

from his sterile I love you.


Nocturne 223


The neon always hits my shirt
and crosses the crystals
of the transport in which I habit.

Circular buses,
soft wheels,

Spin and turn like the fear in my stomach
the day may sixth 2009
at eight hundred hours,
during the accident.

oxide fields,
black prostitutes.

I forget the present kilometer.
I hear the dizziness of who does not travel.

Here panic does not exist:

rough seat

I recognize my reflection in the crystals,
I ask him the poem to write at night
the tragedy to write tonight
with what fear to write tonight.

Polygon prostitutes.
New Muses portrayal and they give me
the last verse:

nocturnal bus,
dock 10.

Recovered time on public transport.


Bluebird and Other Tattoos by Luna Miguel is now available from Scrambler Books.



Richard Chiem

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Richard Chiem

Richard Chiem is the author of You Private Person. He lives in Seattle, WA.

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