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Call for Submissions to Infinity Ink, AN Internet

Call for Submissions to Infinity Ink, AN Internet

Ink Press Productions and Infinity’s Kitchen are seeking contributions to a new project. No small undertaking, this project will endeavor to create AN internet. With this internet, I be web. Personal content! Useful information! Endless distraction! See how it goes and goes. Even more than ever before!

Sort of like life, making life, making meaning out of life.

Of course the internet is vast and multifaceted. Even fascinating. So we consider our current internet and how it lives in relationship with books and the enlightenment. With people and their lives.

To do this, we are creating an object – a functional internet accessible through a usb flash drive that will be housed in a handmade case, distributed like a book. We’re interested in blurring the lines of writing, visual, and performance art. Though, we do not want to be too quick to ask ourselves why. It is partly about expanse and how it feels natural to perpetuate it.

not the internet,


Please submit your work! How it is created is up to you. Take the chance to go and go.

Some of the things we are looking for:

art / writing / videos / gifs / recipes / memes / clickbait / spam / calendars / emails / image searches / commentary / reviews / spoofs / embarrassing evidence / tweets / research data / maps / self-help / instructions / lists / photos / poetry / advertisements / conspiracy theory / status updates / event listings / much much more!

It’s not that there aren’t any guidelines. The guideline is that we want the parameters to be up to you #infinity.

Send submissions by June 24 to

Dylan Kinnett
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Dylan Kinnett is the founding editor of Infinity's Kitchen. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

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