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Camp Real Pants Is Coming (to LA)

Camp Real Pants is just around the corner (April 1, no April Fools, honest), and we are pitching tents happy. I mean, just look at those T-shirts (or tee shirts)!

Here’s another thing to look at: the official Camp Real Pants website, where you can see the schedule of speakers and readers and you can even register.

Who are the speakers and readers?

We’re excited to host some impressive leaders in the publishing industry, people who have forged (and are still forging) new and meaningful paths. Some examples include our banner sponsor, Submittable, whom everyone already knows and loves. They’ll talk about how they became an organization that everyone knows and loves.

Representatives from VIDA will be there to open up a discussion about their mission, why it matters, and how to be involved.

I’m looking forward to hearing Morgan Parker talk about what she’s doing with Amazon’s literary publishing arms, Little A and Day One, and their avenues for emerging writers.

Other Stuff Happening

CRP_Logo_PNG_transHere are a few more things, but you have to see the schedule to really soak it all in:

  • Spencer Printing will explain the printing aspects of publishing
  • There will be a Pizza Party and there will also be a Happy Hour
  • The main event is a fake campfire, where we’ll hear ghost (and other) stories (and poems) and have a singalong
  • Lunch will be served—that’s how we’re kicking things off
  • Keg
  • Calvert Morgan will talk about his work as an editor
  • How much should books cost? How do you get them out to the world? Small Press Distribution will have some practical answers
  • Other presses and journals includePublishing Genius, 421 Atlanta, Dark Fucking Wizard, Green Mountains Review, LIT, Hunger Mountain, Magic Helicopter, Bloof Books
  • Contests (tug of war?)

How to attend Camp Real Pants

Best of all, there’s no cover. Just show up. And you can show up whenever you want, pick and choose from the schedule or hang out all day. For more info, check out our FAQs. Register here—you can donate if you want (no pressure), and if you register soon you’ll get one of those tee shirts (or T-shirts).

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Adam Robinson lives in Atlanta and runs Publishing Genius Press. He is the author of two poetry collections, Adam Robison and Other Poems and Say Poem.

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