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#chapfest (next week at CUNY in NYC)

#chapfest (next week at CUNY in NYC)
A screenshot of the Chapbook Festival's home page at

A screenshot of the Chapbook Festival’s home page at



Next week is the NYC/CUNY Chapbook Festival.

If you’re in NYC or close enough, you’re totally gonna wanna go. Chapfest is the only bookfair I know that’s exclusively devoted to the form, and in addition to the bookfair there are workshops and panels, CLMP publisher consultations, a celebration of the Lost & Found series (which is rad), and more.

Explore the site here.

The full festival schedule is here.

The Poetry Society of America is also showcasing publishers from the festival here with q&as, videos, photos, &c.

So, just a short post today, because I got up at 4:30. To print chapbooks. I feel a little detached from whatever my hands are typing right now. I think I either need more coffee or already had too much. If all of these sentences have periods, t    ha  t  ‘  d  b      e       s   u  r pri      s i     n     g   t o      m           e     >

It’s Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. March 30–April 2.

Mostly at CUNY Graduate Center (But check the schedule because other venues are in the mix.)

Even in my sleep deprivation, I wanted to be sure to point Chapfest’s way, in case you’re in/around NYC and you somehow hadn’t heard.
I’ll be reporting from the bookfair next Thursday, April 2, so even if you’re not around you can virtually browse with me. Maybe I can do some video. Definitely I’ll take lots of photos of the books. (If you’re a poet or publisher who is attending, please come say hi. I wanna see your books and show off some of them here.)

See you there.


Making Sympathetic Nervous System from Bloof Books on Vimeo.

Shanna Compton

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Shanna Compton

Shanna Compton's books include the poetry collections Creature Sounds Fade, Midwinter Constellation (coauthor), Brink, For Girls & Others, Down Spooky, and several chapbooks. She's the founder of the Bloof Books collective and works as a freelance book designer for several of your favorite small presses.

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