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Clam Simmons Interviewed by Joshy Simmons (Grandson)

Apr 13, 2016Primary Sources0 comments


Why are is your podcast rated explicit when you don’t say fuck or nothing?

Health and safety. These spinetinglers are the scariest stories in the history of the world.


I don’t really like your stories but I really like the commercials. Especially the one in episode 7 when you hype my band the Toilet Cobras.

Thank you Joshy. That means a great deal coming from my grandson.


Sure pops. So, what’s the deal with your yelp stuff?


I wasted so much time in my early years at the bad Wendy’s, the bad Olive Garden-it feels good to point people to the good ones.


Why did they take down your review of the Western Store?


I shouldn’t’ve piped up about the Chattanooga Run like I did. Lesson learned.


How long are you gonna keep doing this stuff?

Impossible to say. I’m plagued by a bevy of compulsions. We do a podcast every week and you can find our other things at the regular intervals.


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