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From the Desk of … Lindsay Raspi

This week I asked poet Lindsay Raspi to share a picture and talk about one item on her desk.

a photograph of the desk of poet Lindsay Raspi

The silver box on the top right was my grandfather Tony’s toolbox. He worked as a machinist at Bethlehem Steel when it operated in Baltimore. The workers slept on asbestos cots, and Tony died of total organ failure at the age of 60, when I was 10. He was the youngest of 16 children in an immigrant family. I’m pretty sure his mother’s name was Pasqua, I remember him saying it meant Easter. The box used to be coated in turquoise enamel. My house burned up in 2015, I was trapped in it, and this box and its contents were among the only inanimate survivors. The enamel was charred so my father buffed that off and ran it through the parts washer at his car shop. It currently holds a few childhood photographs and some necklaces I rarely wear. – Lindsay Raspi

Erin Dorney
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