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From the Desk of … Wendy C. Ortiz

From the Desk of … Wendy C. Ortiz

This week I asked Wendy C. Ortiz, author of Excavation: A Memoir and the forthcoming Hollywood Notebook, to share a photograph of her workspace and answer the question: Messy or clean?

a photograph of Wendy C. Ortiz's workspace

CLEAN, goddamn it, but this is life and life is not clean. Nor is this a writing desk, but it’s where I do the writing. This is a dining room table so it collects the ephemera of the two people I live with and the two cats who walk all over it: laundry, Candyland, my preschooler’s papers (her name handwritten over and over), my purse, FOOD, etc. And yet: I’m all about order. I will clean shit not as procrastination but because I will feel GOOD and RIGHT with myself. Yes, I’m adamant about this. No, I’m not sorry. – Wendy C. Ortiz
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