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Don’t You Wish You Had Jon-Michael Frank’s New Book?

by Feb 16, 2016Publishing

Real Pants readers know Jon-Michael Frank’s comics through “Self-Helpless,” his weekly series here. His drawings are funny but sort of pessimistic send-ups of our collective life goals and questions and annoyances, large and small. Everyone wants their life to be fun and meaningful, which “Self-Helpless” captures in a way that pulls back the curtain.

For instance:


Now Jon-Michael Frank has a new book called, HOW’S EVERYTHING GOING? NOT GOOD.

It’s 96 pages, color, from Ohio Edit. They say it’s the only book you’ll ever need.

The Book Has Blurbs

“Jon-Michael Frank’s twisted take on life will make you laugh, then cry, then do one of those laugh-cry hybrids that really freaks everyone out.” –Colin Nissan, humor writer for The New Yorker and author of the McSweeney’s Internet sensation, “It’s Decorative Gourd Season.”

“I feel therefore I die, I think therefore I suck. Somehow, I was born in this book.” –Sommer Browning, author of Backup Singers

There’s a book trailer

Some other funny reviews

“This book is really…” – Sappho

“Mediocre, at best” – God

“Not what I intended” – Gutenberg

“Thank God nothing meaningful can ever be accurately expressed”
– Wittgenstein

“This ‘artist’ seems to have no qualms about appropriating Duchamp’s ‘Nude Descending a Staircase’ with an utterly infuriating gusto”
– Parisian art critic

“More expensive than a dog toy” – Dog Owner

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