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Dr. Finck Joins Muse/A

Dr. Finck Joins Muse/A

Atlanta’s Shannon Finck has joined Muse/A Journal as an assistant editor. Shannon is now part of a team that includes Anya Vostrova, Simona Chitescu Weik, Shamar Hill, and Taylor D’Amico.

Here’s a little bit about Shannon, straight from the source’s mouth (see what I did there?):

I am a limited-term assistant professor of English and composition at the University of West Georgia. I earned my Ph.D. in twentieth-century American literature with a secondary emphasis in global postmodern and contemporary literatures at Georgia State University in 2014. I also hold an M.F.A. in creative nonfiction and narrative poetry from Georgia College (GCSU) in Flannery O’Connor’s hometown of Milledgeville, GA. My critical and creative work has appeared in such journals as Angelaki, Miranda, a/b: Autobiography Studies, LIT: Literature Interpretation Theory, The Journal of Modern Literature, The Florida Review, and FUGUE. Recent teaching and research interests include postmodernism, neomodernism, apocalypticism, feminist new materialism, Anthropocene studies, and experimental life writing. My non-academic, but not uncritical interests include trashed-out 60s garage music, vintage Japanese motorcycles, birding, and guerrilla gardening (though I would not call myself a green thumb). Last year, I lived in Toulouse, France, where I had a research fellowship at the University of Toulouse–Jean Jaurès. These days, I live in Atlanta, GA with an old dog and a young one.

Also, Shannon thinks the belovèd Neapolitan novels of Elena Ferrante are a “pretty solid soap opera.” Here is proof:

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