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Dr. Steen Joins Real Pants & Muse/A

Dr. Steen Joins Real Pants & Muse/A

These poetry pants are real, and they fit good.

Steen’s book will shed new light on Wallace Stevens, among others.

Mensch John Steen is joining the pants squad as an assistant editor, and we are DELIGHTED. Check his bio:

John Steen is an English teacher at The Galloway School in Atlanta, GA, and the author of Affect, Psychoanalysis, and American Poetry: This Feeling of Exaltation, which is out this summer from Bloomsbury. He’s a North Carolina native with a B.A. from UNC-Chapel Hill, and earned a Ph.D. from Emory, which brought him to Atlanta, where he lives now. His reviews can be found in the Kenyon Review Online, H_NGM_N, Wave Composition, and the North Carolina Literary Review.

In addition to these chops, we want you to know that John will be inviting poetry scholars to contribute to “casual scholarship”,  600-900 word posts that address a figure or issue in poetry & poetics.

On Muse/A, Steen joins editors Anna Sandy, Simona Chitescu Weik, Anya Vostrova, Shamar Hill, and Shannon Finck.

Gregg Murray

Gregg Murray

Gregg Murray is an Assistant Professor of English at Georgia State University and the editor for Muse /A Journal. Having received his Ph.D. in English from University of Minnesota, Gregg has published scholarship and reviews in various magazines and journals. He is also a poet and the author of “Ceviche.”
Gregg Murray

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