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Ebooks Survey

Ebooks Survey


Ebooks are constantly changing, and at Real Pants, we’re interested in how the smart kids are using them (see my interview with Jim Hanas, ebook pioneer and HarperCollins exec). You might have noticed the ad in our sidebar for “Instant Future,” the ebook imprint from Future Tense, which has released two great ebooks so far.

For over a year, Publishing Genius has also been working on our own imprint, “Ebook Flights,” which combines three short books that complement each other (like a beer or wine flight) and can be purchased and read one at a time, like on a flight from JFK to Dulles, or all three if you’re going all the way to LAX.

The following (completely anonymous) survey is focused on how people acquire ebooks. I’m curious about how flexible the technology is compared to how flexible we readers are. I’ll probably have a few follow up questions in the coming weeks, and at that time I’ll be happy to share all the responses.

I hope you’ll participate! Click the “more” link to take the survey.


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