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excerpts from a boring man’s diary (#191)


During the morning rush, on a train into Manhattan, a girl whose face seemed to have been injured long enough ago that the wounds had healed and were no longer causing her physical pain (though possibly they were still causing her psychological or emotional pain) stood in front of me, grasping the pole that I too was grasping in order to maintain balance as the carriage swayed in the tunnel.

Edward Mullany

About The Author

Edward Mullany

Edward Mullany is the author of If I Falter at the Gallows, Figures for an Apocalypse and The Three Sunrises. He is the recipient of a Barthelme Fellowship from the Inprint Foundation. He is also the creator of the comic strips Rachel and Ben and Excerpts From a Boring Man's Diary. He has a twitter and tumblr.

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