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excerpts from a boring man’s diary (#34)

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I was waiting for a walk signal at an intersection in Midtown when a man asked another man which direction one should walk in order to arrive at a museum that was not too far from the part of the city in which he already happened to be. After the first man had started to walk away, the woman who was with the other man (the man who’d given directions) said, “Are you sure it’s down that street? I thought it was down the other one.” To which the man who’d given directions, after considering a moment, and looking to see if he could catch up with or call out to the first man (who unfortunately was now out of sight), said, “Yeah, you might be right. Actually I’m not sure.”

Edward Mullany

About The Author

Edward Mullany

Edward Mullany is the author of If I Falter at the Gallows, Figures for an Apocalypse and The Three Sunrises. He is the recipient of a Barthelme Fellowship from the Inprint Foundation. He is also the creator of the comic strips Rachel and Ben and Excerpts From a Boring Man's Diary. He has a twitter and tumblr.

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