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Fall Sale at Wave Books

Wave Books

Yesterday I got an email from America’s favorite poetry publisher, Wave Books, announcing their fall catalog and that the books are on sale till Labor Day.

That one from Mary Ruefle looks interesting. It’s 128 pages of prose pieces, “a brilliant and charming display of her humor, deep imagination, mindfulness, and play.”

Renee Gladman’s Calamities, 144 pages, is linked essays about “life and the mind of the writer.”

Look at this page from Cities at Dawn by Geoffrey Nutter:


Fuuuuuuck. Nice, right? Sad. We can talk about it. (“Billet-doux” means “love letter”—in case, like me, you didn’t know.) The book is 120 pages, and it’s that slick 5×7” format.

The title that you cannot easily read is Power Ballads and it’s by Garrett Caples. It’s “bizarre and hilarious” poems and prose, 96 classic pages long.

For your contemplative moments why not check out Hoa Nguyen’s 104-paged Violet Energy Ingots, which Publishers Weekly listed in their top poetry books of fall 2016?

All of these books you can find and purchase here, and if you do, they’ll throw in their 10-year anniversary publication, which I bought for $5.

(And if you ever wondered who was responsible for their iconic book designs, it’s Jeff Clark, aka Quemadura.)

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