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From the Desk of … Bud Smith

This week I asked author Bud Smith to share a photograph and describe his desk.

a photograph of the desk of Bud Smith

Mostly I do my writing wherever I can find a spot to sit down for ten-fifteen minutes during the work day. I write on my cellphone, and always have my cellphone in my pocket. The last couple days, I did my writing in the machine shop. It’s filthy, oily and completely void of soft edges. I’m all about it. I have a desk at home that I edit my cellphone writing at, but I don’t do much creative work at it. Just creative destruction. I also like to write in the various work trucks, not relying on a desk. I’m worried if I get too comfortable with routines and familiar sites and sounds, I’ll lose the urgency in my writing. Working this way forces me to do it quick and focused only on the piece I’m working on. If I’m not totally keyed in, the sound of the electric machines whirring across the machine shop will take my dumb idea before I get it typed out on my iPhone with the 9% battery life left. Bud Smith


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