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From the Desk of … Christine Rice

From the Desk of … Christine Rice
This week I asked Christine Rice, author of SWARM THEORY (forthcoming 2016 from University of Hell Press), to share a picture of her desk and answer the age-old question: Messy or clean?
A photograph of the desk of Christine Rice
Depending on what I’m working on, my desk is either somewhat neat or pretty messy. Books and notepads usually paint the corners of my desk (and there are probably too many books on the floor, accompanied by the dog and cat who also manage to squeeze into this very small space). Actually, my favorite part of my office is what hangs on the wall behind my desk: my thrift store art, the pictures of my husband and kids and parents, a shelf filled with little gifts and sentimental childhood toys. There’s Pokey (alas, no Gumby), and a PeePul Pals Goldilocks doll (and the accompanying book), and a Queen Little Kiddles. And there’s a cat wearing pants, and a water color of Flannery O’Connor that a writer friend gave me, and seashells, and a tiny nest that fell out of the grapevine in our back yard. – Christine Rice
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