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From the Desk of … E. Kristin Anderson

This week I asked poet and author E. Kristin Anderson to share a photograph and describe one item on her desk.

a photograph of the desk of E. Kristin Anderson

The little pink notebook next to the manuscript pages for HYSTERIA is a dedicated notebook for the project. Every project I do, whether it’s a novel, a chapbook, a planned collection or an anthology gets its own notebook. I journal in it (brainstorming) when I’m stuck, write down everything from new poems/scenes to marketing ideas, keep track of deadlines and to-do lists. I stick Post-its in there (if I forgot to drag the notebook somewhere). Plus, I know we writers all hoard notebooks (especially during back-to-school season). Admit it. And this gives me an excuse to hoard AND use them! E. Kristin Anderson

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