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From the Desk of … Jessica Piazza

From the Desk of … Jessica Piazza

This week I asked poet and educator Jessica Piazza to share a photograph and describe one item on her desk.

an image of poet Jessica Piazza's desk

One item on my desk that I’m pretty serious about is that “50 Things Every Angeleno Must Do” article clipped to the back bar. It’s a piece from Los Angeles magazine that constantly reminds me to accept and enjoy the fact that I’m actually here, in LA, right now. (Which also necessarily means keeping the crippling nostalgia for New York, my hometown, at bay.) It also reminds me how important it is to get out into the world to really DO things. I mean, I have five jobs right now, not including my own writing and not including curating the Poetry Has Value project (a website dedicated to conversations about poetry, money and worth: So it’s really easy to just stay holed up and busy and to forget there’s a huge, amazing city out there to experience. My goal is to do every single activity listed in that article by next summer. Umm, and to write another book. Ambition; it’s a killer. Fingers crossed. – Jessica Piazza
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