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From the Desk of … Kimberly Ann Southwick

From the Desk of … Kimberly Ann Southwick

This week I asked Kimberly Ann Southwick, founder and editor in chief of GIGANTIC SEQUINS, to share a picture of her desk and answer the age-old question: Messy or clean?

a picture of Kimberly Ann Southwick's desk

I like a combination—I appreciate a cluttered aesthetic. Having what I use regularly (pens, markers, scrap paper, certain books, chapstick, coasters, my paper cutter) within reach is important, but keeping the space generally clean besides what I need/want close is intentional. This desk has many drawers that I use to my advantage. When it’s too messy, I can get distracted. The internet is distracting already, I don’t want to also be distracted by, say, bills. Most people would call my day-to-day desk messy, but to me, it’s a daily event to keep it just clean enough. – Kimberly Ann Southwick

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