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From the Desk of … Michael J Seidlinger

From the Desk of … Michael J Seidlinger
This week I asked Michael J Seidlinger, author and Publisher-in-Chief of Civil Coping Mechanisms, to share a photograph of his desk and tell us a little bit about his workspace.
author/publisher Michael J Seidlinger's desk
My desk, if you can call it that. It’s quintessentially the highlight/focal point of my apartment, besides the bed, I guess. It takes up the far wall of the living room, where a TV should be. It’s set up in some manic, insane manner rendering essentially a scenario where I’m smothered by books in all respects The setup makes it difficult to deny what I’m trying to do. Every spine staring back at me is pressure, pressure to stay focused and not boot up something on that monitor to the right, the one with the PS4 and Xbox One, and media center hooked up. I’ve already passed out at this desk more times than I can count. – Michael J Seidlinger
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