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From the Desk of … Sarah Gerard

From the Desk of … Sarah Gerard

This week I asked writer Sarah Gerard to share a photograph and describe one item on her desk.

desk of sarah gerard

There’s a corduroy leafy sea dragon finger puppet peeking out from beneath that hardcover copy of Hanna Pittard’s novel Reunion. I acquired it while managing the children’s section of a Manhattan bookstore—often, the store’s owner and I would attend trade shows to buy toys wholesale and representatives from toy manufacturers would give us samples, or let us buy toys we wanted for ourselves at cost. I bought one leafy sea dragon for myself and another for my husband, which is now hanging from the ceiling of our bathroom, as if he’s swimming.  Sarah Gerard

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Erin Dorney is the poetry editor for Third Point Press and lives in Minnesota. Follow her on Twitter at @edorney or learn more at

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