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Fun Facts About Andrew The Angel of Death From Touched By An Angel

Fun Facts About Andrew The Angel of Death From Touched By An Angel


The argument may not hold up under the close scrutiny of the Dr. Quinn fanbase but I believe that Andrew, the Angel of Death from Touched By An Angel, is the most bizarre character spawned out of the mid to late ’90s CBS Saturday night drama universe. If he isn’t most bizarre character spawned out of the CBS universe-he is definitely the all-time leader in most turtlenecks worn by an angel of death.

This counts as one turtleneck.

It isn’t as high of a number as I originally thought but doing a minimal scan of all of the Andrew The Angel of Death highlight videos-it looks like he wore at least one and a half.

Does this count as a turtleneck? Or is it just a sweater with huge collar? Classic Andrew-huge ass Old Bay jacket protecting the brand.

Two turtlenecks over the course of a 212 episode run but may not seem like a lot but in doing a quick BING search result I discovered that that number is more than the combined number of turtlenecks worn by all of the angels of death featured on the former UPN network. Alas, this completes the statistics portion and the hour draws nigh. It is time for the Andrew, The Angel of Death Fun Facts (T.A.O.D.).

Andrew (T.A.O.D) Fun Facts:

1.) It is super clear that Steve Jobs wore his menthol dad smooth jazz turtlenecks in imitation of Andrew.

2.) Over the course of the 35 seasons of the show-Andrew almost never took a person  by force. When it was time to shuck the mortal coil it was always a very tasteful extraction using a series of silent nods and winks. It was less like a death knell and more like the gentle prodding of a Panera Bread employee to finish the last dollop of French Onion soup at 9:01.

3.) In another corner of the multiverse, Nic Cage was cast as The Angel of Death on a UPN Network show running concurrently with Touched By Angel’s run on CBS. The show was called Heaven Police Department and Cage’s character’s name was Gabriel Camino. Gabriel Camino gathers cadavers at all hours hitching them to an eternal wallet chain and flipping them into the back seat of his Can-Am. But that’s not how Andrew from the Angel of Death from Touched By an Angel rolled. He prefered to gently plead with absentee fathers to quit being dickheads and to do so while wearing some of the best Kohl’s gear any baby boomer youth pastor could muster.

4.) Every Youth Pastor in the ‘90s dressed like Andrew from Touched By Angel. If you wanted to shake up a church puppet team in the 90s there was only one prescription-15 mg of soul patch with a daily dose of turtleneck. 



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