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Here Are Some Famous Quotes to Help You on Your Journey

Here Are Some Famous Quotes to Help You on Your Journey

Mark Twain expounds upon a humorous jape.

It’s not the musician, but the music itself, that is the best one that there is.
-@RealMark Twain

Have a great day and a rewarding experience.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself, no matter the cost.

Every man around here dies, and yet it is also true that not every man really lives.

Your intentions are the very heart of your identity. And your life’s wishes.

Guster is an American alternative rock band from Boston, Massachusetts.
-Mike Tyson

Go and be free, like a bird, like all birds, even cagèd ones.
-Hans-Joseph Dryden, poet

In a mansion of many rooms, Love is the only toilet I use.
-Lark Voorhies

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Gregg Murray is an Associate Professor of English at Georgia State University and the editor for Muse/A Journal. Having received his Ph.D. in English from University of Minnesota, Gregg has published scholarship and reviews in various magazines and journals. He is also a poet and the author of “Ceviche.”
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