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Is the Hungarian Bono Impersonator Better Than Bono?

Is the Hungarian Bono Impersonator Better Than Bono?


All art is fan art the same way that all drawings are cave drawings. I don’t know if that sentence is true- but it feels truthish. I don’t know if this is the reason why the Bono Hewson YT channel feels important but there’s a point where a dedication to imitation is deep enough where kinda things happen. If it the dedication goes sideways you might join the Branch Davidians because you love David Koresh’s music career.  If it goes another way you might juice up your buds and get them to fire up the handheld and lip-sync to the entire U2 canon. I am not really a decider in this field but someone has been uploading U2 lip-syncs and interpretative dance medleys for the last seven years and I need answers.

Here’s what we know-the bulk of these videos were filmed in Hungary on camcorder quality pixels. They usually involve the Bono impersonator staring directly at the camera, sometimes the camera pans away from Bono’s face and towards the countryside, or train tracks or a burning cardboard box-really whatever you got.



Rats off to the impersonator because he does a lot of heavy lifting to ensure that whatever U2 song he imitates-he at least attempts to make dance, fashion and hair choices that are Bono appropriate. Sometimes the details are really accurate. Other times its more of a ghoulish approximation. Like seeing a very heartfelt bundle of Baked Lays squeeze into a Pringles can.


Anyway-let’s talk shot selection. The camera/camcorder/video polaroid has a pretty strict adherence to staying glued to the face of Bono 95% of the time but occasionally the camera makes dramatic pans. Among the 144 videos on the channel two non-face related action sequences stand out. In the video for “Like A Bomb”Bono Hewson spray paints a peace sign on a fence and sprays over a swastika.



It’s easy to be glib but the energy behind this performance is awesome. This guy really hates fascism and you can feel it in this video



In another favorite Bono lip syncs to “Fire.”. Hard to know what the best part of “Fire” is. Is that it features what looks like a balsa box or possibly a smoldering apple cart burning on a pile of burning corn leaves? Or is that there are two versions of “Fire” smoky and non-smoky? 

Those were my two favorite creative liberties that Bono had taken with these videos. But the legend lives on. A month or so ago BH recorded a version of U2’s Miami not in the seemingly endless supply of Hungarian hotspots but on the actual Miami Beach. Single shot with a couple pans swiping at the resort hotels to his left and the infinity of the Atlantic Ocean to his right. That’s how I knew he was better than Bono.


I don’t know if YouTube will let me embed the actual videos. It doesn’t look like it will but just know that somewhere deep in the internet there is a legend out there dotting the Hungarian countryside with premium content.


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