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I Asked Fiverr for Some Real Pants Logos

I Asked Fiverr for Some Real Pants Logos

Real Pants needs a convincing logo. I mean, check out how good The Fanzine’s logo looks! Casey Fanzine told me he made that himself, by hand, and it took him hundreds of tries to get it just right. He showed me some of the other versions and they all looked good, too. I look at that well-brushed logo and I don’t wonder about anything. That’s as it should be, with logos.

When people start thinking too much about your logo, you’re in trouble. Cf. the Gap. Though I guess Google has survived some heavy scrutiny (or, check out this great Design.Co article about Apple ruining design: “APPLE, YOU USED TO BE THE LEADER. WHY ARE YOU NOW SO SELF-ABSORBED? WORSE, WHY DOES GOOGLE FOLLOW ALL YOUR WORST EXAMPLES?”).

Like with Casey’s Fanzine logo, as you look at all the options and iterations, it should be hard to pick out the best one. There should be all sorts of uncertainty. I’ve never named a baby (hint hint, anybody), but I’ve named a lot of rock bands, and here are my two considerations:

  1. the name should look cool on a poster or the altweekly’s calendar, to trick people into going to the show
  2. after six months, no one cares about what the name is

Thus, my last band, after Sweatpants, was called Coach Taylor. Who doesn’t listen to Coach Taylor? (We only played one show, so who knows how the name would have worked out after six months.)

Anyway, anyway, how’s everybody doing? My thinking is that when you’re presented with a lot of excellent options for your logo, it should be a difficult and painful decision to choose the best one, but you should know, too, that there’s no way you can go wrong.

So I was excited to hire Bossdesigners for $5 (plus a $.50 cent fee to Fiverr). They promised to “Do 2 amazing logo designs in 24 hrs with free source file.” They did it in five! But I can’t decide which one I like best.

Maybe none of them? Thoughts?

I like the hot pink, and the flipped “P” thing is pretty cool. I’m leaning toward this guy.

Oh wow, yeah, I see. On a burnt yellow background it really pops.

I like it, but does it really SPEAK to me? What’s it saying?

This gives me a sense of how it’ll look in the real world, like on a bus passing me at the bus stop.

Or a beach towel! Or, really, this looks like a logo that would go on practically anything a logo goes on!

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