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If a Gun Wants Anything, It Wants to be Shot

If a Gun Wants Anything, It Wants to be Shot

If guns want anything, they want to be shot

The stylish yacht pictured here has never been boarded by the author.

I’ve frequently not been on boats. It takes up nearly all my time. I’ve frequently been told then cars are a problem, too, because they run people over. And spoons make people fat. I’ve spent most of my life, including now, never having been washed ashore, nor having staggered across a desert or having been loaded into a truck. I have eaten many things that are said to taste just like chicken. When I climb furtive fences it is because of time or forgotten keys. Triggers exist to be pulled, and arsenals exist to fight some kind of war, even if the one hoarding the guns is the only one who knows which war it is.

The Family that Trolls Together, Stays Together

The problem is not guns!

Underneath is an illustration of a book labeled “Holy Bible” in the left and an image of a bearded guy with long hair and a collarless tunic on the right. In between are three fists with three handguns. The middle is the smallest and is pointed at the viewer. The ones on each side are twice as large and appear to be aimed at one another.

It’s hearts without God,
homes without discipline,
schools without prayer
and courts without justice.

“And” is flanked by an image of a one-room schoolhouse on the left in black and white, and on the right a gavel in brown and gold.

Beneath the entire thing is a black banner with white letters urging viewers to write “amen” and “share.”

A family member posted this on Nov. 21, with “amen” written in the comments section. She is an elementary school teacher, he a farmer; they share an account because they are married. It’s created by “I love America.”

I Love America

at first glance seems to be a group devoted to military veterans—memes go up each hour. The last 10 hours are dog tags and flags and inspirational veterans with artificial limbs.

At hour 10 Charlie D says when you realize that people are evil enough to gas children and throw gays off of roofs and burn/drown people in cages you understand why we need a strong military.

J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans.

Hour 12 a meme: a quarterback of the Texans, and under that text, I’ve got 99 problems; some back up quarterback in San Francisco isn’t one of them. Stand up and shut up. An unfurled flag has been airbrushed into his fist, and it is flapping in a wind that doesn’t touch his hair.

At hour 14 Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. a gravestone, and beneath it Confederate veterans are American veterans according to public law.

Benny H, a veteran, suggests that this face book account is a Russia one posing as a legitimate account and that using Vets to divide us is what is disrespectful.

So far 150 million Facebook and Instagram users may have seen paid ads and organic posts distributed by the Kremlin-linked organization in St. Petersburg from 2016.

So far the sites Being Patriotic, Heart of Texas, Blacktivist, Stop All Invaders, and Secured Borders are known to be fake Russian pages, broadcast from a troll farm into the plowed fields of America.

What do you think about it?

Jonathan says it’s just fine, but “innocent till proven guilty” should be remembered. He asks Jean David if he has ever complimented his women colleagues. Jean David says his wife is so beautiful, he doesn’t really notice how anyone else looks. Jonathan says that he, for example, feels nervous when the elevator doors close and there is just him and a woman inside. He says that he would never compliment a female coworker on her hair or shoes. I ask if he’d compliment a man on a haircut. He pauses and says yes. I ask him if he ever had.  I tell him this kind of extreme behavior on his part is exactly the problem. No woman who has ever been raped or groped by a thesis director or commanding officer or videotaped naked in the mikveh by her rabbi would mind being told her shoes are nice or that her haircut is nice. If a man can’t tell the difference between a compliment and a crime, then it’s a problem. Jean David says he doesn’t usually agree with me because I voted for Hilary Clinton. But, though it pains him to say so, he thinks I am right. Jean David and I even agree about guns—that the answer is not, as Jonathan says, a stronger police force and more respect for the police, and less bad publicity, like certain groups. Which groups, I ask. Black Lives Matter, he said. Jean David and I agree that the problem is probably actually the number of guns.

Texas in November when I’m gone

Nov. 21 my sister-in-law unfriends me on fb because my politics “just make her so mad,” she tells my sister.

Nov. 14 my sister-in-law shares Blossom’s video, “10 Wow-worthy Napkin folds that belong on the table… not on your lap!”

Nov. 13 my cousin posts a video of a local church in Charlotte that tried to combat feelings of inadequacy the Christmas season stirs up in us when we can’t find the perfect gift with a simple message – be grateful for the gifts you already have.

GQ’s 2017 Citizen of the Year.

Nov. 13 N shares an outraged meme that Colin Kaepernik was awarded “Citizen of the Year” by GQ magazine rather than, for example, J.J. Watt.

Nov. 12 F shares a story: When I was 8 years old I went with my dad and a friend of his to pick dewberries somewhere just out of town. After a while I was bored and restless and dad could tell. Then out of nowhere he asked if I thought I could drive the truck over. It was an old Ford pickup only about 100 yards away but I didn’t know the brake from the clutch and couldn’t even see over the steering wheel. He said, just turn on the key, it will start, steer it over here and when you get here turn it off… That was one of dad’s favorite memories too and he enjoyed telling me how he could see the top of my head between the dash and steering wheel. He was born 101 years ago today and though I miss him, I’m grateful for all the wonderful memories and things he taught me. Happy birthday Dad!

Nov. 12 J has been asked to share the Sportsman’s Church post:

For all those hunting families and land owners in our area we have a meat ministry called Feed the Need and provide ground venison to local shelters, women’s homes, and families right here in our backyard. With Harvey many of our resources along the gulf coast were hit hard and it will be interesting to see how God fills these freezers up to provide for these families.

If you harvest a deer or hog you can take directly to Country Slaughter just off Highway XX or XXXXXX’s Custom Processing on FM 236 and tell the folks its for our church and we pay the processing fees. Consider donating this season to “Feed the Need”  call us if you have any questions xxx-xxx-xxxx!

We also schedule meat hunts with some of our youth and sc leadership if you want to visit on that as well

Nov.  12 S is pleased to see Defense Secretary James Mattis spent his Veterans Day “Alone with the recent fallen in Arlington Cemetery” in Army vet David Brown’s article from USSA News, the Tea Party’s front page.

Nov. 11 Carl posts on J’s page: Well…. this is as close as I’ll get to being on stage with the King of Country Music…George Strait. We are doing a show tonight at Mo’s Place with the Texas Jamm Band who are members of The Ace In The Hole Band and Asleep At the Wheel…

On Nov. 11 S posts a meme reminding veterans that they shouldn’t be “that self entitled veteran that believes you deserve the recognition merely because you joined the service whether boot or salt dog. Remember: the proper response to someone saying ‘thank you for your service’ is ‘thank you for your support.’ Be sure to thank them and their family as well.

Citizens at Wurstfest in New Braunfels, Texas.

Nov. 11, V is “Having the Wurst Time” at Wurstfest in New Braunfels with his wife and 4 others.

Nov. 10 L shares an “organic planner” video on how to make ginger water, which is “the healthiest drink for burning fat off your waist, back and thighs.”

Nov. 10 my sister-in-law shares a photo of our high school football team standing for the star spangled banner. Her son is in the photo. He is #8. Player #15 is on crutches. He’s standing, too.

Nov. 10 G posts an ad for a product she probably sells: Lose weight and inches, gain mental clarity! Message me if you want free samples!

Nov. 9 R posts a meme “You can now snuggle with your dog in matching pjs. Tag a friend you KNOW would do this!”

Nov. 9 my sister-in-law is tagged in a post for “ Prayer Warriors”

Because I know ‘with Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed, You can move mountains’.

Today is Surgery #14  (? I’ve honestly lost count and am to busy to stop and remember). I won’t lie, I’m a little loss of what to really even say, at this stage, because so much of this journey is ‘what if’ and lots of waiting. Patience isn’t my strongest virtue but over the last 6 years God sure has had fun working on me with it. And I truly can say, Gods timing is ALWAYS perfect!

Nov. 7 F hears geese!

Nov. 7 G wants to know what are the relevant topics people are focusing on for elections in Texas today. She got 4 likes but no comments.

Nov. 7 F has posted his own professional photo of the hunter’s moon.

Nov. 6 J shares Trey G.’s Casket design’s post and video, in which Trey G, sitting at a desk that is a shiny polished casket, says that he’s offering his services and caskets for free for families that were involved in the Sutherland Springs tragedy. “Being from a small Texas town I want to offer my services free of charge to these families. God Bless. xxx-xxx-xxxx”

Please share .

Nov. 5 G posts: 24 people shot dead 30 wounded at San Antonio Baptist church!


Her friends opine we are turning away from God.

Her sister unfriends me because I suggest that people who are killed in church are probably not to be blamed for “turning away from God.”

Nov. 3 my sister-in-law has another set of puppies that will be ready to wean soon. Free to a good home. A pic of the mother in comments

Nov. 2 D reminds us that Time is Running Out to plant spring wildflowers and adds he has American basket flower seeds: “Free if you come get them and pet my dogs.”

Nov. 2 H wishes her “Daddy in heaven” a happy birthday. He would have been 77 today. His picture is from his army service. He is smiling and handsome.

Feb. forensics

N posts a meme from The Newly Press:

If they left wants to ban all guns on the chance that one of the 300 million firearms in the country might be used in a crime, why don’t they support deporting all illegal aliens on the same premise?—it is attributed to Larry Elder.

Christopher H says whether it’s one round or fifty rounds it comes down to the nut pulling the trigger. Never had seen a gun enter a building and start shooting. Just the same as a vehicle driving itself. So dig deeper into the “big picture” here why the left wants to control Americans. They know they have to disarm us first and we all know that ain’t happening so they’ll push false narratives to the already brainwashed to try and get their point across. Point is you’ll see a civil war before you’ll see us give up our arms.

I ask, for argument’s sake, and since I’ve not spoken to my family, who have unfriended me on fb, So tell me, why wouldn’t you want to do something like ban the sale of AR-15s in America?

Kenny S says And ban fertilizer, hertz rental trauck, back pack, slow cookers, nails screws and anything else someone could use to blow people up with! Marcela Sulak, your argument is insane.

Since I am missing my baby brother, I tell Kenny S. that I have googled it, and I can’t find what “nails screws” are.

N says To prevent school shootings, how about an armed guard at entrances or roaming the interior of the school, arming the teachers that want to be armed and trained. Plus doctors have to be held somewhat accountable, they are prescribing meds, but not reporting the people taking them as potentially dangerous, hipo laws need to be looked at, plus parents have to explain to kids that not everyone gets a trophy, and realize some kids need a spanking. Laws without consequences make no sense. So enforce the laws we have. Let’s not just add to them or ban a black gun. I haven’t attacked any body or any group. I really try not to say this group or that group. But the media is definitely driving a false narrative. I work with around 100 people, I can’t name 2 much less 80 that want stricter gun laws and I live miles from Austin.

If Guns Want Anything, they want to be shot

Sometimes it is exhausting. Sometimes I look at pictures of other people’s children’s teeth even though the owner of the photos knows I’d rather not. Most of the time, I am not even airborne. As I write, a bulldozer is shifting the earth less than ten meters from my big toe. The bulldozer will be here all morning, and the day after that, for an indefinite period of days or weeks. If earth wants anything, it wants to be moved. There must be graves, here too, under my foot. What bright object killed their bodies?

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