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#InjusticeBoycott Update

#InjusticeBoycott Update

I just rec’d this email from Shaun King, re the #InjusticeBoycott and I thought I’d just repost it here. Follow the links and get involved.

GREAT work everybody!

I mean that. We just completed Week 1 of Phase 1 of the Injustice Boycott and you all really nailed it. I wanna take a second to highlight many of our successes and thank each of you for participating.

  • We launched on last Monday and grew our base to over 200,000 people in all 50 states and every major city in the country. 
  • On Tuesday, our first actions – simple online call outs – began. We demanded that NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio fire NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo. #FirePantaleo trended in 10 different cities.
  • On Wednesday, we moved our actions to San Francisco, and demanded that District Attorney George Gascon charge the officers who shot and killed Mario Woods. #GasconDoUrJob trended all over the country. Now one year after his murder, we also made “Mario Woods” trend in many cities nationwide.
  • On Thursday, we raised $336,367 for infrastructure and capacity needs in Standing Rock. I am still blown away by your generosity. It’s already being put to amazing use by local leaders there.
  • On Friday, we helped educate the nation on the fact that New York is 1 of only 2 states in the country that automatically prosecutes ALL 16 year olds as adults. We made #RaiseTheAge trend and also helped Governor Cuomo see and hear us very clearly.
  • On Saturday, we sent you a list of every organization in New York fighting to #RaiseTheAge with all of their Twitter & Facebook handles. You doubled the following of dozens of organizations in one afternoon. I’ve been receiving thank you notes for 48 hours straight from leaders who were just elated to find that you care about their cause.
  • On Sunday, we did as we will often do, and simply asked you to take a moment to educate yourself about the depths of injustice in a particular city. We highlighted injustice in San Francisco and how the mayor, Ed Lee, and others have all but ignored the very clear, reasonable reforms set forth by the Blue Ribbon Panel that was convened this year.


This is good work you’ve done. We are just getting started. We are building our team, building our base, and building momentum for what’s ahead. People will attempt to distract us or rush us or tell us that if they were us they’d do A, B, & C differently. Our goal, though, is to build something that will make a measurable, lasting impact in the cities we target. We are also trying to build a model for change that we can duplicate in cities all over the country. This takes time and care.

Let’s follow the plan!

Our first action for Week 2 will be sent to you shortly.


Adam Robinson
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