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The John Dermot Woods Festschrift

Festschrift is a book that celebrates a scholar, usually comprising essays from the scholar’s peers (here’s the Wikipedia page). From time to time at Real Pants, we’ll hold a sort of online version of this—we’ll dedicate a week to one beloved writer, during which we’ll ask some contributors and guests to send in posts inspired by or commenting on the writer’s work. And readers! If you’ve been moved by a book we’re celebrating, we want to know. Please email if you’d like to submit something.

For our first Festschrift, we’re pleased to take some time digging into John Dermot Woods’ new book from Coffee House Press, The Baltimore AtrocitiesThe publisher describes the book thusly:

BaltimoreThe Baltimore Atrocities is a mordant, deadpan collection of more than one hundred murders, betrayals, heartbreaks, suicides, and bureaucratic snafus—each with a half-page illustration by the author—that tells the story of a couple who spends a year in Baltimore in search of their respective siblings, who were abducted decades earlier as young children.

This week, we’ll be featuring the book in numerous ways:

And all of this will culminate in a release party on January 24, in Brooklyn, NY, which will also be the launch party for Real Pants! All are welcome.

This will be a Real Pants Signature “Popeye’s & Caviar” event

Featuring a short reading by John Dermot Woods, and a toast

Also featuring:


  • Sarah Jean Alexander, Elisa Gabbert, Dylan Kinnett, Amy McDaniel, RM O’Brien, Justin Taylor,
  • a cake from Momofuku, and also gift bags

If you go

When: January 24, starting at 8pm
Where: 47 Hall St, #109 Brooklyn, NY
How Much: Free!


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